Madly in Love with Manly – Cultural Acceptance, Shelly Beach, and My First Australian Kiss

One British guy, one German guy, one Irish guy, and an American girl walk into a bar…  No, this is not the start to a bad dirty joke, this is my life!   After months of being told by countless people that they feel Read More

Week 1 in Australia- Coastal Beach Walk, Julian Wilson, BBQ Sauce, and Loud Americans

This is now my fifth day of living in Sydney and I am finally starting to feel like myself again. I was able to buy a portable wifi thingy that I can wear on me and use to connect to Read More

THE ARRIVAL- Kangaroo Pizza, Hit By a Car, Locked in a Shower, Oh and WHERE IN THE HECK ARE ALL THE AUSTRALIANS?

Flight Summary After a good 2 hours of crying in the airport, followed by a good 45 minutes on the plane boarding, oh… then there was the first 20 minutes of turbulence…. my tears finally got it together and this Read More

The Art of Saying Goodbye

After years of dreaming.. and months of planning.. Today has finally came. I am here, at the airport lounge, watching the Laker game like nothing about my life is about to change.. I have spent the past couple days crying, Read More

Parting Ways with my Possessions -“Memory is the Diary we all Carry About With Us” – Oscar Wilde

Since I have decided to move to another country alone and start all over, I know that in reality my life as I know it… no longer is.. my life as I know it!? I assume I will begin to change Read More

T Minus 11 Days till OZ – Pros and Cons of Moving Back Home with Fam

Now that it is under the two-week mark till I move far far away to Australia, I decided it was best that I spend my final weeks with the only ties I really have – MY FAMILY TIES. I left Read More

Online Dating Sites: Entertaining and Resourceful When Moving!?! Get out of Here!!

Moving to a new city alone is always a bit scary, especially if you do not have a support group in place for when you arrive. When I moved to Los Angeles when I was 18, I moved in with Read More

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