The Top 10 Random Moments From my Time in Australia

After 3 long amazing years in Australia, I cannot believe this day has officially come. 

The day, where I have to tell you all……

Hot Mess is moving back home to California :/

I know I know, I can’t believe I am saying it either! But it is time to start a new big adventure. One that will be announced to you all soon enough.

But today I would like to take the time to reflect on some of the most memorable moments I have had in Australia. And ohhhh lordy how we know I had my share!

Let’s now look back at some of my favorite memories during my life down under.

Hostel Life

Hostel life, how does one describe this? A full-time party in your house with random kids from around the world? Oh, and cockroaches too, we cannot forget them.  Moving to this country alone and without knowing anyone was lonely. Lonely UNTIL, I moved into a hostel full of crazy 20-year-olds!  From playing Goonball, to parties on the rooftop, to watching movies in the cinema. Hostel life was exciting, comforting and beyond ridiculous literally all the time.

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Birthday Stripper Time

For my 29th birthday, I got whatever handful of friends I had in Australia together and took them on a boating pub crawl. I expected tons of booze. I expected a boat.  I expected laughs and fun. But one thing I did not expect was getting a lap dance show by a stripper in front of 40 men.  It was a crazy random day that I cannot forget even if I tried!

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Samba Time in the Mountains

In the heart of winter, a random friend invited me to dance in a parade with her. This parade was not a normal parade, but a parade that would take place in the mountains in zero degrees weather. Oh and, I had to be dressed up half naked in a Brazilan Samba costume! You know, the norm. The Winter Magic Festival in the Blue Mountains gave me the chance to perform in front of hundreds of freezing kids and families.  I was lucky I came home with two nipples still.

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Thunder Down Under


More top memories having to do with strippers? Yeaaaah, I know you are not surprised 🙂  Every single year I always got excited for one particular show each March. The most talented live performance all across Australia. MAN POWER! This is the show to see if you want to smile your butt off for 2 hours, while literally looking at hot naked Aussie men butts at the same time. Talk about winning?!?!

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State of Origin

For someone to move to Australia and not see a live rugby match is like living in LA and never going to a Laker game.  It is a must.  And I was lucky enough, well, I paid a lot of money, to see one of the largest rugby matches in the country. Sitting at the stadium with thousands of Aussies screaming go blue and yelling out cunt every second was thrilling. A bit weird, but thrilling nonetheless.

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Gumtree Madness

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I will never ever forget my first experiences on the website Gumtree. Gumtree is a place you can find some very interesting characters, especially when putting an ad out looking for a job. Klaus the kinky German offered me my very first job that involved a bit of spanking.  What else? And you will never believe what else it entailed!

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Speed Dating on a Train


The number of dating adventures I had while in Australia wouldn’t even fit into a 10,000-page novel! It is safe to say I had my share of interesting dating experiences, and being a part of the world’s largest speed date while on a train is definitely right up there.  Especially since I followed that up with a Tinder date on the same night.  This was way way wayyyyy back when I still had hope in Australian men, obviously.

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The Gold Coast


For one month straight, beautiful Sydney was a raining bowl of depression.  Just nonstop rain.  Annoyingly nonstop and I was going insane. To help prevent myself from complete insanity I left work one Friday straight to the airport and jumped on a plane to the beautiful Gold Coast. Helicopter rides, to hitting on the room service guy. Me alone in the Gold Coast? Yeeeah, you know I got into some trouble!

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 Long Lost Family


The top highlight of living in Australia had to have been the day I got to meet my long lost Aussie-German family I never knew even existed! I went down to Melbourne to stay with them for a weekend and it was such an amazing time. Koalas, Penguins and looking at embarrassing photos of your parents when they were young. What a perfect combination for a perfect memory!

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Having to go through all my old posts in order to write this one just completely reminded me how much fun I have had here in Australia.  There really is no place like this amazing country. We were a match made in heaven, Australia and me, and I will continue to always cherish every memory many many years from now.

Stay tuned Friday when I will post my final blog post while here in OZ.

My open break up letter to Australia 🙁

<3 Hot Mess

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