8 Ways Moving Home After Living Abroad is Annoying

Moving home after living abroad is.. interesting.  Everything you needed to do to start your life up again is nothing but chores without getting any allowance. Even more annoying is all your power plugs will forever need adaptors. DOH!

Here are some of the annoying tasks one must do when moving back home.

License Renewal

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Remember that thing called driving? Yeah, I barely do as I never drove a second while living in Australia. But now home, it is time to get back behind that wheel since you can no longer use your legs to get from A to B.  Oh, and since you have been living abroad your beautiful license expired.  So who doesn’t enjoy waiting at the DMV for hours and taking your written test all over again? Aww, that’s right, humans.

Buy a Car

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Some people might find buying a new car fun and exciting. Ehh, not this chick. Searching online and at dealerships for used cars that don’t have 1,500,000 million miles on it and are at a decent rate is tedious. If I had 30K in my pocket to go out and grab a new one, whoo hoo! But if you are anything like me and spent all your money travelling instead of saving, that is not the case.  Trust me, trying to find a car within your budget that doesn’t include mystery stains on your seat is not fun my friend. Not Fun.

Finding a Job

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Looking for a job has got to be one of the biggest pains in the ass, buuut moving back to America means contributing back to society. Oh, and you probably want some money, yeah? Updating your resume for each submission and redoing a cover letter over and over for different employers is the definition of annoying. Not to mention the awkward interviews that I sometimes confuse for weird Tinder dates. The job search process is a full-time job that makes you fill up your headache medication instead of your wallet.

Where to Live

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Deciding to move back to America is one thing, but trying to decide exactly where in this big ole land is another.  Do you try some place new or go back to familiarville? I had the luxury or punishment of moving back in with my family while I figured my life out, but where from here? Who knows!

Phone Service

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Goodbye Aussie phone number that is 4,000 digits and back to American hoes in different area codes. Trying to figure out what service provider is the best for your area without breaking the bank is annoying.  I thought I figured it out until I realized I had no reception at my house but perfect service in the middle of nowhere.  Perfect, jusssttttt perfect! 

Do I Still Have Friends?

do you have friends when you move home from living abroadIt feels great to be back in the country with all your old friends but ummmm,  you probably haven’t spoken to most of them in a while.  Messaging people one by one on Facebook to get their number to see if they are still around town is a bit depressing. Hey, remember me? Are we still friends? Yeah? No? Okay, cool. You smell anyways.

Credit Cards

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One thing I totally forgot to do while living in Australia was to monitor my American credit to make sure no Michelle wannabes were getting fresh with my credit. WHAT!?! 100K was racked up???? Oh, nevermind that was just my school loans, damn. Regardless, it is now time to start building up credit again if purchasing a house, yacht or unicorn is catching your fancy.

General Assimilation

  shaking hands

My biggest fear about moving home was that I just was not going to fit in anymore.  I enjoy real coffee now, I give everyone a kiss on the cheek when I greet them!  I am part Aussie now so how do I go back to drinking Starbucks and giving hugs only? Unlike just getting my license or getting that new phone, this task will definitely take time and a bit of time and patience.  Something tells me this one will have a post all of its own soon.

Moving back home after living abroad comes with a lot of adjustments. I say if you can get some of these annoying tasks done while still living abroad you will be in good shape.

Or at least better shape than me. Perhaps 3 months is the charm? 🙂

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  1. “…Not to mention the awkward interviews that I sometimes confuse for weird Tinder dates.”

    On second thoughts, I’m not going to ask.

  2. It’s all the little things that add up that makes it challenging. At least my two “country” moves (13 years apart) were at the request of my employer so I didn’t have that to worry about but we did have kids education to worry about and 2 of them didn’t move with us the 2nd time.

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