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An American Down Under: 15 MORE Ways Your Life Changes When You Move to Australia

It has now been two whole years since I packed up and moved my life down under from Los Angeles, and holy crap does my life continue to change and adapt to this country.  At 10 months, I wrote on all Read More

An American Down Under: 20 Ways Your Life Changes When You Move to Australia

      Within the first 10 months of living down under,  I have been able to compile a reasonable amount of changes that have accompanied my life since my move from Los Angeles. Moving to a different country is going Read More

Top 10 Things I Miss About California

I recently attempted my “My Facebook  Free August” again this year, in the hopes to  keep focus on my final weeks of my program project and dive in deep into my new job. Last year I was 3 months successful, Read More

Cinco De Mayo in OZ, Gumtree and My First Australian Date

Cinco De Mayo in OZ! Cinco De Mayo is very well known and popular holiday in California. It is a celebration of the Battle of Puebla (Not to be confused with the Mexican Independence Day in September) and everyone goes out drinks and Read More

One Month Complete! New Flat, New Flab and Can I Get a New Foot?

I can’t believe it has already been a month since I have been in Australia.  That’s right, I am almost at the one month mark and no longer so “fresh of the boat/plane/taxi?” And guess who finally got a flaaaat Read More

The Prince is Coming!!! The Prince is Coming!! – Royals, Lockouts, and Easter Abroad

“How many have you had to drink mate?” – Bouncer “None  mate,  I don’t drink” – Guy trying to enter pub “Sorry, you are too drunk, you cannot come in” – Bouncer “Ummmm wtf? Is this real lifeee???????” – Me Read More

Hostel Life in Australia – JUST SAY NO TO THE GOON!!!!!

Every day begins quite the same way now – waking up looking for my local drug dealer.  All day long I go up to random people on street corners, behind cashiers,  at the bars asking… “Psssst…Psstt.. Do you know where Read More

Madly in Love with Manly – Cultural Acceptance, Shelly Beach, and My First Australian Kiss

One British guy, one German guy, one Irish guy, and an American girl walk into a bar…  No, this is not the start to a bad dirty joke, this is my life!   After months of being told by countless people that they feel Read More

Week 1 in Australia- Coastal Beach Walk, Julian Wilson, BBQ Sauce, and Loud Americans

This is now my fifth day of living in Sydney and I am finally starting to feel like myself again. I was able to buy a portable wifi thingy that I can wear on me and use to connect to Read More

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