16 American Foods that Australia is Missing and Needs Right Away


 After moving back home to America from Aussieland I could not wait to stuff my face with a huge variety of American food that Australia was missing.

With the almost 40,000 products that can be observed in an American grocery store,  it is safe to say there were many American foods that I noticed Australia needed.  Yes, they are mostly pure crap, of course, but hey it is America! Who is going to crave a salad 🙂

 16 American Foods that Australia is Missing:

1.Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie full pie slice of pie

I made mini pumpkin pies one year for my Aussie workmates and they all looked at me as if I was giving them rat poison.  Pumpkin as a dessert? YESSS! PUMPKIN AS A DESSERT!! It is delightful and no, you do not need to be celebrating Thanksgiving to enjoy it! Add some whip cream on top and you are in sweet pumpkin heaven.

2. Eggo Waffles

Eggo waffles butter syrup

No need to look any further for your waffle quickie!  Though not as fresh as from a waffle maker, these frozen Frisbees hit the waffle spot. Fill those syrup traps up with butter and some maple goodness and you are good to go! Australia needs this food ASAP!

3. Hot Pockets

Hot pockets value pack
Do you enjoy burning your mouth so hard that you get a blister? Yes! Perfect, then these pizza treats are for you.  Australia is missing this creamy mozzarella cheese and pepperonis all stuffed within a baked dough for your instant pizza pleasure. Just watch it in the microwave as these puppies tend to become exploding cheese bombs.

4. Jimmy Dean Biscuits

Jimmy dean croissant sausage egg cheese sandwich

For a savory breakfast to go option, nothing is better than some Jimmy in the morning!  No, that is not slang for something else,  but instead a buttery biscuit and juicy sausage that makes your day seem like it is going to be totally fabulous. So fabulous, you totally forget about the bathroom problems it will cause you right after you eat it.

5. Corndogs

American food corn dog

AKA breaded covered wieners straight from heaven!  The combination of fried cornmeal with a hot dog made with who knows what is actually much more appetizing than it sounds.  Dip these mystery sticks into some mustard and ketchup enjoy what is the infamous corn-dog

6. Chester Hot Cheeto Fries/Flammin Hot Cheetos

Flammin hot cheetos america food spicy chips

We love our flaming hot in America, and adding this red messy powder to Cheetos just doesn’t get any better. Just don’t touch anything!!! It is impossible NOT to turn into the red finger bandit after demolishing a bag.  Austalia is missing this American food and needs it ASAP!

7. Tina’s Burritos

Tina burritos beans beef chicken rice
Instead of going for that Aussie meat pie or sausage roll at 3 am, this is where it is at.  If you are a broke student or a drunk mess, Tina Burrito’s are always perfect to grab from your freezer.

8. Root Beer

a and w rootbeer american root beer soda

How Australians survive without root beer blows my mind! We grew up on root beer float parties as adults and vanilla vodka floats as kids…hmm. maybe switch that around.   I did spot Sarsaparilla soda from time to time at Coles, but nothing is like the deliciousness of Dads or A&W root beer.

9. Goldfish

Goldfish baked cheese cracker cheddar

Another American food Australia is missing is the most addicting type of fish you will ever eat. These little crackers are the perfect mix of cheese and salt, making them difficult to just have a few.  Beware of the Costco size cartoon that has enough to fill up the whole Pacific Ocean and your gut for years.

10. Poptarts

poptart brown sugar american breakfast
Here is something most kids grew up on in America as the quick to-go breakfast pastry. Once toasted, these guys hit that sugary spot because well.. it is practically all sugar!! Should be called sugar-tart, really but then where is the fun in that!

11. A1 Sauce

A1 sauce steak sauce american food

Because you know, sometimes you just can’t buy that nice piece of steak that doesn’t need any sauce. Not every cut can be filet mignon. So when that is the case, A1 is a life saver making any type of steak you overcook taste like a million bucks!

12. Cookie Crisp

Cookie Crisp Cereal General Mills
This is just a personal American food that I love, though I know still popular amongst many adults. I mean come on, little cookies pieces as your breakfast cereal? Thank you to the stoner Santa Claus that invited this morning pleasure.

13. Graham Crackers

Graham Crackers

How this is not in stores baffles me. How does one survive without the deliciousness of a s’more in AU?! With all the outdoorsy camping and outback, these crackers would fit right in with some roasted marshmallow goodness.  Though Belvita breakfast crackers are a decent substitute, nothing equals to the original graham cracker s’more!

14. Kraft Mac & Cheese

Kraft Mac and cheese box American Macaroni and cheese

I think every kid in America could live off this blue box. You can even find it on many kids menus in popular restaurants, it is so universally loved. Though I am sure the bowl you put it in will have a higher nutritional value than the actual mac, it is one yummy fake mac and cheese treat. This is on the top of my list of American that is missing in Australia.

15. Carne Asada

Carne asada beef meat mexican steak

Australia has lamb, America has carne asada! The most delicious marinated Mexican meat that ever lived.  It is perfect for Taco Tuesday or Just Because Friday.  Add a side of rice and beans and Ole! This Mexican (cough) American meat Australia definitely needs!

16. Bacon

American bacon bacon strips

OMG bacon!  Australian cut bacon just does not cut it, I am sorry, but it’s fact. And no, we do not deep fry our bacon, pfft! Our bacon just happens to naturally come with all that juicy bacon grease that is a leading cause of house fires. But who cares..you can take my house, just don’t take MY BACON!!!

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  1. But American supermarkets have Australian beer. At the checkout at Vans in Santa Monica the woman ahead of me had three or four cans of Fosters. Cans? They were more like baby 44 gallon drums!

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