10 Common Australian Foods That America is Missing and Needs Right Away

When I recently moved home to America, I found myself looking for items in the grocery store that were nowhere to be found. Where were these items I was searching for!?! Oh.. that’s right, back in my other home, Australia! Though both countries have many of the same products, here are some common Australian foods that America is missing and needs right away.

The following items need to be placed in ALL American grocery stores ASAP!


At first, the word comes off very scary. Like something that should only be fed to murderers in prison. But then it gets less scary, like something that should be fed to murderers, people doing community service, and clowns. Then one day this tangy spread actually starts becoming pleasurable to eat and even a bit addicting. My morning breakfast is just not the same without this yeasty dark, you think it is Nutella but it is not, spread.

 Tim Tams

Tim Tams were my very first love when arriving in Australia. From the moment I placed these delicious chocolate-covered cream-filled biscuits in my mouth, my life was changed forever. I think I ate 3 boxes in one sitting the first day. I AM A TIM TAM MONSTER!!! Dipping these yummy treats into your coffee or tea is pure heaven. So to whoever created the Tim Tam Slam, I want to shake your hand kind sir!

Kangaroo Steaks

I know you are thinking, “Oh nooo! Not little cute Roo from Winnie the Pooh!” Trust me, it does not taste like anything coming out of a children’s book. Kangaroo is actually delightful, versatile, and more environmentally friendly than beef or pork.  Kangaroo meatballs, Kangaroo steak,  kangaroo ice cream. Well, maybe not that last one but Mmmmmm Mm. Come on! Who doesn’t want a Kangaroo hot dog at their next Superbowl party?:)



What grocery store doesn’t need more crackers? Shapes are delicious thin crackers that can be compared to actual crack at times, as they are so addicting and often bought in spare change found on the floor. My first roomie got me hooked on these, well, until that time I found a cockroach in an open box. Doesn’t matter if it is BBQ, pizza, cheddar, there is noooo just having a few. Unless by a few you mean 5  boxes.

Golden Gaytime

Image result for golden gaytime

Though this sounds like some type of porno shop, it is actually the most amazing ice cream treat ever!  It is the combination of a toffee and vanilla-flavored ice cream, dipped in chocolate and covered in biscuit pieces. Umm hello, how bomb does that sound! Having a Golden Gaytime is truly a gay time!

Sausage Rolls and Meat Pies


Ohh the Aussie stables. Though the store bought ones are not as great as the fresh ones from a cafe, but better than the ones at the gas station, sausage rolls and meat pies are just to die for. Meat wrapped in puff pastry, it is like an Australian empanada, but well.. not.  Perfect to grab while going to the store on a drunk beer run. Replace the 2 dollar frozen pizzas for these guys and life will be guuuddd.

Anzac Biscuits 

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Anzac biscuits are my favorite cookie (cough) biscuit,  of all time! I  have to stop myself from buying a box at the store because those suckers will be gone in seconds.  Each bite is wrapped up in a coconut, butter, sugar, butter, oats, did I mention butter and golden syrup ball of goodness. Move over boring oatmeal cookie, there is a new cookie in town!


It took me a bit of time to get on the Weet-Bix train, but once I was on it, Toot toot! All aboard! This box of wholewheat yumminess is more common than Cheerios in Australia! It looks like shredded wheat but really tastes like cornflakes disguised in a packed nutritious rectangle. Add some honey and some banana and your morning is off to a great start. But it eat quick, otherwise it turns into a bowl of gooey tar.

 Cadbury Chocolate

Cherry Ripes, Timeouts,  Flakes, Turkish Delights and so many more! Cadbury makes some damn good chocolate treats to snack on after a bad date. I can see all these bad boys sitting perfectly on the shelf next to Hershey’s, or preferably in my mouth.



The fact I have never heard or tried haloumi cheese before I moved to Australia is devastating. And the fact I could not find any haloumi in any grocery store when visiting home was even more depressing. Aussies usually use this Greek hard cheese as the star of a dish it is that delicious. I even make my own haloumi on those days I feel like being a little extra awesome.

There are about another 5 billion items I could have added, but I will wait till next time.

What is your favorite grocery store item that are a must in American stores?

<3 Hot Mess


  1. They’ve got Weetabix at Trader Joe’s which is more of a British staple. Not sure if similar to Weet-bix

    1. Yeah they are similar! I love Trader Joes! They have the best selection of international products 🙂

  2. I love Vegemite! I developed a taste for it during my honeymoon in Australia… which quickly morphed into an obsession. Fortunately, my British corner market here in San Francisco sells it. 😊

  3. Twisties. Milo. Minties. All the health foods.

      1. Work used to have a bowl of fantales that was resupplied by the admin team, often on an hourly basis. There may have been tears when they were replaced with sherbies 🙁

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