10 Reasons Why Moms are Superheroes

Let’s face it.  When it comes to having a baby, you are changed forever and you know – Moms are superheroes.

No, I am not talking stretch marks, that baby pouch that won’t disappear or you know, things still being a bit weird “down there“.  Instead, I am talking about the other changes. Superhuman changes the extraordinary powers and abilities that only happen after you have a baby, changes.

Here are 10 ways becoming a mom practically turns you into something special, aka, Moms are superheroes.

Hypnotic Voices Makes Moms Superheroes

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Remember that noise that used to come out of your mouth that made people leave the room or turn up the radio? Well, somehow that same noise is now a powerful weapon that soothes a mini human to calm down and even sleep. You can be completely off pitch, singing all words wrong and humming offbeat yet somehow hypnotizing your young into some peculiar voodoo trance. If that isn’t a mom superpower, I don’t know what is!

 Super Human Strength

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“Oh did you just drop this 100-pound weight on the floor, let me grab that for you. “

That’s right, out of the blue one day you will realize you have some serious arm power going on. From lifting car seats, strollers, and your 20-pound angel all day long, you become the strongest you have probably ever been.

You think to yourself, “Move over The Rock- this momma is starring in the gun show now!”

 Ninja-like Reflexes

reflexes make moms superheroes

Unless you are a professional Ninja, you more than likely have never been quick to catch something with a split second to react.  But now that you know moms are superheroes, catching that spoon filled with peas before it hits the ground is second nature. Taking off that old diaper and quickly getting a new one back on before you get sprayed by the little baby hose happens crazy ninja fast!! KIAI!!!

Food Annihilation

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Remember when you would just sit down and relax, taking your time making and eating a sandwich?  Probably not because now as a mom superhero you are able to make that 7 ingredient sandwich, eat it, and have the dish clean all within 1 minute.  Your jaws automatically adapted to chewing and swallowing at super lighting speed.

Super Human Senses


You can be in a completely different room and still be able to smell your child.  You baby can be 5 houses away yet you still somehow know they just started to cry. The 6th sense is not seeing dead people, sorry Bruce Willis, it is being a mother!

Multitasking Makes Moms Superheroes

Hand, To Do List, Check, Strategy, Mark, Planning

As a mom, you have the amazing ability to be able to do 100 things at once yet somehow not fully accomplish anything! You have been running around the house since 7am yet nothing on your to-do list has been completed. It feels like you have been doing laundry for a week and it is still not done.

(Not sure how this change is superhero-related yet, but … IT IS NOT NORMAL!!! )

The New White Noise

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Just as you have the ability to hear your baby cry from the next state over, you also somehow have the skills to tune out noise like never before. That Sesame Street episode that plays 600 times a day, yeah. As a mom superhero you no longer hear it. It has officially become part of your daily normal noise.

Cars driving by, birds chirping, and Bob the Train, the fan, Elmo singing.

Moms are Superheroes because of their Moral Code

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Moms no longer just think about themselves. In fact, that is usually the last thing they think about.  Instead, they are consumed with the natural willingness to risk one’s safety for the good of their offspring.  You all of a sudden become deeply concerned with child issues on the news, sharing Facebook posts on missing children or news articles on abused kids. You probably even caved into one of those 15 cents a day charities because you feel….the world just needs more love!!!!!

Secret Identity


While every mom is that go-to caregiver 99 percent of the time, they will always have their other secret identity. You know other than “mommmmmm!!”.   Perhaps a girl who loves to sing karaoke, travel, wine taste, axe throw, whatever!  Mom’s will always be moms until they lock in that Friday night babysitter.

11. Moms are Superheroes with their A- Team

All popular superheroes have a great team to support them when going into battle and Moms well, they are no different! The old saying “it takes a village”, turns out to be more accurate than you ever thought. Each mom has their own tribe that is there to fight battles and win wars, one dirty diaper at a time.

There you have 10 ways becoming a mom turns you into a superhero, what else would you add?

moms are superheroes

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  1. I totally understand everything you have said, I’m a single dad, but all those things apply too. The one that got me the most was the Moral Code one. Absolutely. You know you exist, but very rarely put yourself first, if ever, your child always comes first. It is a super power, I think, to be that altruistic. My son is now going on for 9, and I have been doing it all by myself for the past 6 years, his mum (yes, I’m an Aussie, so Mum, not Mom) doesn’t want anything to do with him. One thing you’ll learn when your child gets older is that you are also a mind reader. Super powers indeed.

    1. So what you are saying is that the superpowers just get stronger each year?? I dont know if I am fearful or happy about that haha 🙂

  2. I totally relate to almost every single one of these! Especially the eating super fast point.

  3. The reflexes are crazy and I hear my baby soon as she makes one little noise like she’s up and my husband is always so amazed.

  4. This is so true! Such a fun post that describes motherhood so accurately.

  5. I have enjoyed reading this post and as a mom I can relate to so much of it, if not all. The different seasons is motherhood, I have enjoyed them all!

  6. I LOVE this! And it’s so true. I can shut out all of the noise, eat like I’m in a speed eating competition and manage to carry twice my weight!

  7. So true, especially about the reflexes and white noise.

  8. I’m going to have to agree with everything you said in this article. Being a mom myself, I must agree that Mom’s are superheroes! 😆

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