8 Habits You Need to Ditch Once You Are a Mom



Awww life before kids. Remember that goodness?? It was all about doing whatever the heck you wanted and not apologizing for anything!

Wake up at 10, sure! Have nothing but cereal in your cupboard, cool!

All habits that are wonderful to have before you become a mom.

 10 Habits You Need to Ditch Once You Are a Mom

Food Sharing

Habit of not sharing food

If you are anything like me, you are like Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S


I enjoy ordering my own food when I go out. There is no, “you wanna split something?” crap. No no. I will get my own hamburger, thank you!!!

Now that you have a small human that makes you feel guilty for eating anything they are not, eating has practically lost its fun value.  They just look at you with those sad precious moment doll eyes until you finally give in.

Just take the strawberry. TAKE THEM ALL!!!


Running Late

Running late Meme

I have always been one of those people who wakes up 20 minutes before they must leave the house. I even wore my school clothes to bed just to get that extra 4 mins of sleep!

Now as a mom.. yeeeeah…no more of that!

These days, you have to give yourself an extra 2 hours to get ready due to your little monster. Dressing, feeding, arguing and picking up your tantrum child from the kitchen floor after you gave them the wrong color cup.

I am prettttyyy sure it was a mom who invented “running late”.


Being a Bad Cook

habit of mom being  a bad cook

Now, I understand no one is a bad cook on purpose. No one wakes up wondering how can I burn some toast today. However, when you become a mom it is time to step up your kitchen game. Kids are pretty picky eaters, making some Top Chef style mac and cheese a tasty must! With the internet being swamped with cooking videos, amazonfresh,  and recipes, this should be an easy fix.

If not, sorry kid, looks like you are getting PB&J’s for the next 18 years. 

 Drinking Wine

Just messing.. you get to keep this one for sanity purposes! 

  Jewelry Fun

Broken pearl necklace kid broke

Remember that one time, when you could put earrings and a necklace on while smiling in the mirror thinking it is going to be a great day? Yeahhhh, No.

You can no longer wear that stuff because your baby will yank the earrings out of your ear placing you in the ER instead of your office.  Or perhaps that pretty necklace you always wore is now a pull string and it snaps off into a broken chain mess even before you finished your breakfast.

Unless you like living on the edge, the daily wearing of expensive or dangly jewelry is gone out the door!


Sleeping Late

mom habit of sleeping in

I dream about this old habit every single day. The days I could selfishly wake up at 12 and start the day at 2 if I fancied. Our mini people just love to wake up at the crack of dawn as if they are already training themselves to be successful CEOs one day.

Unless you are a billionaire with a zillion nannies, there is no way sleeping in is a habit you can keep!



My procrastination habits have always been all over the place.  Before my son, I was pretty good!  Maybe not like, get it done the first day, good, but like get it done 3 days before, good

The problem now as a mom is you literally don’t have any time to procrastinate!!! If you put something off till the last minute YOU JUST FORGOT ABOUT IT!!


Ordering Food

Sloth meme

If you are one to look at a menu for 5 hours and still not being able to decide what you want to eat. Or if you are that person who asks the waiter what they recommend before making a decision. Yeahhh.. all of that needs to stop NOW. Your little one has no patience for your personal storytime with a menu. Your new habit for ordering:

Just always order the 4th thing down 😊

Leaving Anything Anywhere

habit of babies breaking things

Before becoming a mom, your habit of leaving your crap everywhere really wasn’t anyone’s problem besides perhaps your OCD partner’s. However, once your kid hits about the 8-month mark boy or boy, are you in for a treat! You blink for a second and both your phone and remote end up in the toilet. The ability for a kid to embrace that split second when you are not looking, grab something and break it.. yeah, it’s actually astonishing.

Well, there you have some habits you need to ditch once you become a mom. I know there are still a thousand more (a lot probably having to do with wine consumption). What would you add to this list?

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  1. I love your posts. This list is totally spot on! I’ve got a dog that chews things up so I can’t leave anything around even though my kiddo is almost 9 now!

    1. Aw thank you!!:)

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