12 Little Ways You Never Realized Motherhood Changes Your Behavior

When you become a mother, you know your life is forever…. sleepless? enhanced? warped, but clearly in a good way!? But what you don’t realize are these little ways motherhood changes your behavior.

Social Media Crazy Love!

social media liking as a mother instagram facebook pinterest

Before you are a mom, your ratio of just viewing social media post to liking them was considered normal. But now, you are out of control. This is either because you are a stay at home mom where you live on social media more than usual.. orrrr you just feel left out from the world since you no longer get invites to the bar or weekly swinger party.Β  Moms like social media posts 20,000 more times than any other demographic (I totally made up that statistic but I am pretty sure it’s correct).

New Convenient Parking?

shopping carts parking for moms

Screw getting first row parking at Target or the grocery store, it is all about the sexy spot right next to the cart rack.Β  This spot makes placing that heavy oatmeal eating machine toddler into the cart asap instead of carrying them for 5 minutes. The cart rack spot is really the real VIP parking.

Bring on the Chicken Nuggets

chicken nuggets for moms

Before you would have never even looked at store bought frozen “chicken” nuggets.Β  Chicken frozen in weird shapes? No thanks! But now, yeah.. chicken nuggets are like holy water, you worship them for making your kid happy while also not breaking your wallet.

Laughing with a Wet Surprise

Woman laughing near white wall

So you know.. when you think something is funny, but you kinda try not to laugh too hard because you are not wearing your “laughter leak protection?” Peeing when you laugh is definitely one of those behaviors we didn’t choose on purpose πŸ˜‰

Common Courtesy

men with manners holding the door

You have maybe never been bothered by someone not opening a door, but now that you push around this tank of a stroller it’s TOTALLY NOT cool.Β  Trying to open up every door that says push but really means pull, with a 2-year-old ticking time bomb, oh I am officially bothered!

Motherhood Changes Your Behavior With Baby Crazy Liking!

baby love from mothers rabit costumes cute babes

Oh a picture of a baby on a boat, like! A picture of a toddler eating grass, so cute, double like! A picture of someone you don’t even know with a baby on a boat, like! Or in real life it is staring at the baby in the booth next to you at Denny’s.Β  Your ovaries’ behavior are forever changed once you become a mother.

Where is the Changing Table?

Nice restaurants with no changing table

What are you supposed to do if your baby did a stinky while you are out and you go to the ladies’ room to find no changing table? I mean, come on! Β So when you don’t have it, and you have a crying baby that needs their diaper changed, you are officially like, screw it, give me any surface!Β  Restaurants need to watch out for what they think is chocolate but really is my son’s digested love smeared onto your precious counter.

The Mom Bun

mom bun messy bun

Yeah… once you are a mom you realize you have no time for yourself which means there is no more taking 2 hours to do your hair. Put that shit up in a circle on top of your head and you roll with that circular mess.

Worry Wart

Image result for worrying

So before being a mom you never thought of the strange chance that a sloth stuffed animal could potentially suffocate someone, or that your child could climb 2 feet to jump out of their crib. Now all of a sudden you are paranoid about everything because you are officially a freaking worrywart.

The Sway


It doesn’t matter if your baby is 3 months old or 3 years old,Β  there is this thing we ladies do called the sway. It happens when you are just standing waiting and your body just starts.. well, swaying!Β  It is a natural instinct so you don’t even realize you are doing it until someone asks if you have to pee.

Late all the Time


Even if you have always been a super punctual person, that all ends the second you pop a baby out of your vagina. The ability to show up on time is like some type of fairy tale. Whether it’s a dirty diaper, a tantrum or your kid got his head stuck in the toilet, time management is forever changed once you are a mother.

Motherhood Changes Your Behavior with a 9 PM Bed Time


Any night you say you are gonna go out for a few hours.. yeah.. that hour now starts at 6 pm instead of 9 pm. If I am not home in my PJ’s by 10 pm I seriously start getting the shakes!

Ways motherhood changes your behavior

What other daily behaviors would you add to the list?

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  1. This is so true!!! I’m still rocking the mom bun on the daily and my son is 7 .. lol

    1. hah I think there is no going back ever!! πŸ™‚

  2. I am still in the “to-be-or-not-be” phase of my life. While my husband is both mentally and financially stable to have a baby, I want to think it through a lot! I am not mentally secure. These daily changes in life helped understand few of the aspects which I have to come to terms with! Thanks. It was a lovely read! πŸ™‚

  3. Omg yes ! I have to park next to the carts or else I’m probably leaving lmaoo

  4. Thanks for the great read!

  5. Aww although I am not a mom yet but you have very nicely put all those struggles a mom through! It was a fun read!

  6. Helpful to know, will share with my best friend who just became a mom:)

  7. HAHAH! I can relate to all of these. The laughing and pee surprise one is so true. Usually at the worst time. And the mom bun, it’s true. I can count on one hand how many times I had time to style my hair in the past 4 years.

  8. These are funny. Can’t say I can relate to all of them but I do love my spot next to the shopping cart storage. I generally park as close to it as possible. Always calculating that distance. Lol.

    1. Exactly! If I am not next to the cart rack, I do look for a stray cart pushed up on some curb ha

  9. Yes these are so accurate!! I definitely have noticed many of them in my own life.

  10. The mom bun and wet laughing. SO freaking true for me the second time around. Haha!

    1. The mom bun is the best! πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah I dont even know how many times a week I actually decide to comb my hair anymore

  11. The baby liking is definitely me! If I see a baby pic, I have to like it.

  12. Ohh Mana! Can I get an amen to the chicken nugget as being the saving grace of dinner time! Yet, never ever would I have thought about these as an okay option pre toddler! πŸ˜†

  13. I yeas I have experienced everything from this list πŸ˜…. Including the part with laughing 🀣. And try jumping for a few minutes without peeing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  14. lmao at the digested love smeared in the bathroom. I don’t miss those moments, but i do miss my boys being so little.

  15. Ohhhh, the lack of changing tables is the absolute worst!! Along with when people clearly see you’re struggling and don’t open the door! Loved this post and how it can bring humor into motherhood’s every day nuances πŸ™‚

  16. So true! The mom bun is perfect for hiding the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in 5 days…lol!

  17. Haha! Loved these… thank you!

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