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Special Hearts – The New Way to Find Love For Special Needs Parents

Trying to date as a single parent comes with many obstacles. Time, willingness, and the ability to make dating a bigger priority than finally mastering a Mickey Mouse pancake.

I have struggled over the past few years dating now that I am a mom. I never have the time, or when I do have the time I sure don’t have the energy. The kid-free guys on the other end of my dates never understand or can relate to these struggles.

Possessing the ability to empathize with parenting challenges is key for a long-lasting relationship, even more so if you are a parent with a special needs child. This is where Special Hearts comes in, the new dating platform for special needs parents to be able to connect with others on a similar journey.

About Special Hearts

The inspiration for Special hearts comes from a mother with a 4-year-old son that has developmental delays and seizures.  She thought if she had to re-enter the dating scene, she would want to date someone who understands’s her challenges. Unable to find a dating website specifically for parents with special needs kids, she made her vision come to life and created Special Hearts. 

How it works

The Special Hearts website and app are structured very straight forward and easy to navigate. It just takes a few minutes to fill out a quick survey, create a profile,  upload some pictures,  and pick your membership before you are on your way to finding love.

registering on special hearts


At you will find 2 different memberships, a basic and VIP. The basic membership is free and allows you to create a profile, search users, view photos, and add friends. But if you are more serious about meeting someone, you will want to get the VIP membership.  For as low as $10 for 3 months, you will be able to access everything the platform has to offer. Messaging, videos instant messager calling, view profiles, and making comments are just some of the perks.

Membership for the special hearts websitememberships for the dating app


Since the creators know first hand how expensive things can get when you have a child with certain disabilities, they decided to include a donation program within the membership fee. A portion of the proceeds from your membership fee goes to the special needs organizations of your choice. You can decide how much you want to donate, how often and where it goes. 

donations for special hearts

To Sum up:

  • Special Hearts is an easy way to meet like-minded individuals that are on the same journey.
  • They conveniently have both a website and an app to access their platform.
  • Very simple to use and navigate.
  • Their membership cost is crazy low at only $10 for 3 months!!
  • A portion of your fee gets donated to charity.

Special Hearts is a unique and valuable way for single parents that have children with disabilities to connect with like-minded individuals. Coming from someone who knows the difficulties trying to date as a single mother, I see this website beneficial to really help ease what can be known as a very frustrating dating process. Special Hearts helps take away the fear and reservation that comes along with dating and gives people a real chance to find the perfect partner in this journey we call life.

Start your journey now by going here.

<3 Hot Mess

This post was part of a sponsored program with Special Hearts.  I received a small compensation in exchange for my thoughts about their products.  This post reflects only my true personal opinions on their service. 


  1. That’s awesome! The internet has a lot of cons, but I just love how it has allowed people to connect in a way unlike any other platform.

  2. What a great service to connect people who not only match but are on the same page. Here is to love!

  3. How wonderful that something like this exists!

  4. What an amazing platform! Definitely serves a unique need. Good luck and hope your service flourishes.

  5. Love this because special needs parents want someone to share their struggles with too and give of themselves to someone who can love them and their child also.

  6. Just looking for male friend (or female) to share everyday stuff in having a daughter/son with profound disabilities.

  7. Does anyone know if this platform still exist? The links only leads to a picture of a heart, and I cannot find the app in the App Store.

  8. Good afternoon my name is Mark. I have an 18 year old son with down syndrome. I am looking to meet someone who shares similar interest I am 60 years old. Maybe you could help me I don’t know what website to look for or go about this just putting it out there. Thank you.

    1. Hi Mark! I am sorry for the late reply. But it sounds like you would benefit from trying out Special Hearts, as it is made for people like you to meet like-minded individuals. As of this moment, this is the only site I know of that caters to your needs. I would give it a try 🙂 If I ever come across another site that would benefit you, I will reply again and let you know 🙂

      1. I’m the father of a 25 yr old awesome autistic son. I am a special needs hockey coach and I am the VP and head coach. 20 yrs now. My son plays. Every Sunday I’m on the ice with 20-25 special players ages 6-40 yrs old. I’ve tried all the sites obviously with no luck. I just googled and this site came up. How do I know this is ligit and not like other sites? Hate to sound negative but a lot of people scam people like us.

      2. Author

        Hey Steve! I know it is legit because I worked directly with the owners to create my article and I did my due diligence before agreeing to work with them. If you are worried, as you should, I agree there are so many scams out there. For any site, see their reviews, Not only on their website but see if there are other reviews out there. try contacting them directly asking for more information. I can only give you my experience working directly with the creators. They were very passionate about this site as they went through the same experience. But as this is the internet, hah, do what you need to do to feel safe with their site or any site. <3

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