The Apollo Surprise Box – A Hot Mess Review and Exclusive Deal

For all of you who love surprises in your mailbox that are not bills, then this subscription box is for you! Today I am reviewing the Apollo Surprise Box,  a subscription box that sends you a mix of cool and unique products as a monthly surprise.

The Apollo Surprise Box Review

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These products are not your average boring gifts. They are interesting, trendy and tailored to your personality.

How the Apollo Surprise Box Works

Step 1.

Pick the type of subscription box that fits you best. 

Step 2.

Complete a survey in order for them to tailor the products to your interests. Questions include Gender, styles you like, categories you are interested, and an open-ended question for you to tell them more about you. I let them know I loved teal and gold and that I had a 1-year-old monster I mean son. 

Step 3.

Wait patiently everyday on your front porch for your surprise box to arrive! Actually.. no. Go to work…yeahhhhh… Go to work and have the surprise be the box waiting for you when you get home. Not surprise, you are fired for not going to work.


What I Got in My Surprise Apollo Box

My $50 monthly surprise box came with 4 unique items.

Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The first item I pulled out of the box was the beautiful water bottle. I mean beautifullllllll.  Not only did it look like a piece of art but it actually had a purpose. This purple thermos keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and drinks hot for 12. I know other moms can relate when I say getting a chance to drink coffee hot these days is very rare. So having something that can keep it hot even after I forgot about it for 2 hours is amazing!!


Mini Retro Radio Wireless Speaker

One of the things I marked on the survey was that I liked retro as a style, so receiving a mini retro radio wireless speaker in my box was a very pleasant surprise. I lost my bluetooth speakers at the beach a while ago so this was a perfect replacement for my music needs.


 Banana Baby Blanket

Once again they listened to my survey needs and gave me this adorable organic cotton baby blanket. I love that it has a long hedgehog nose for my son to grab on to and drag across my floor filled with cheerios.  I foresee this blanket turning into his new cuddle buddy.


 3D Light Switch Stickers

The last item I grabbed left me very confused when I saw it. Luckily, one great thing about this box is that it comes with little information cards on each product that goes into detail on what you received. After reading the card I learned it was a 3D light switch for my son’s room.  The sticker goes around the light switch and even glows in the dark for easy visibility at night. Sadly, this did not fit my type of light switch and was not really my style. 

My Final Thoughts

The good stuff

  • The products are super unique and tailored well.
  • You save up to 40% off the retail price.
  • The products are actually good quality. I am always concerned about that when buying online. 
  • I love they give you little info cards.

The not so good stuff

  • The $50 box might be a  bit pricey for some to take such a gamble on unknown products.
  • No guarantee you will actually like the items.
  • No guarantee you will actually find a use for the items (eg 3D light switch)

If you are a person who does not like surprises, never takes a gamble and is very picky with things they purchase, then this box is probably not for you. Give it as a gift to your quirky best friend instead!

 The Apollo Surprise Box is wonderful for people like me who love surprises and appreciate random unique items. I am that person who loves thrift store shopping to find random treasures, so having a box of unknown gifts arrive at my door is straight up my alley.

The box is a fun hot unique mess just like me! 🙂

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<3 Hot Mess

My review of Apollo Surprise Box is part of a sponsored program with Apollo  I received a small compensation in exchange for my thoughts on the product.  This post reflects my true personal opinions and my personal opinion only on all products.

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  1. This Apollo box looks so fun! I LOVE getting packages in the mail!

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