10 Yummy On-The-Go Snacks for Busy Moms

Being a mom is literally the definition of being busy. If you are anything like me, being busy means my body often takes a hit when it comes to grabbing the right quick snack. Recently, my son made it very clear that he doesn’t approve of me eating his goldfish while he is sleeping, therefore, I have been forced to come up with new alternatives for yummy bites to enjoy.

Easily found in most grocery stores, here are my recommendations for yummy on-the-go snacks for busy moms:

Alove Yogurt

Alove Yogurt

Alove is the newest addition to my on-the-go mommy snack list. Each bite has little pieces of aloe vera gel inside that give the yogurt a fun surprise in every bite. It has protein and calcium to fuel your mom body, but also, it just tastes really really good! Refreshing bite after refreshing bite, makes me completely forget the fact I just changed a dirty diaper 4 minutes earlier that was not so refreshing.

Biena Chickpeas

Bienea Chickpea snacks
You do not need to be a vegetarian to enjoy these crunchy bad boys.  High in fiber, great in taste, and so easy to pair with a good salad… and by a good salad I obviously mean a good wine 😊

Trail MixPlanters Nutrition Vitality blend

The great thing about trail mix is that there are so many types of mixes you can never get bored. Peanuts, dried fruit, pretzels, diamonds… you never know what treasures you will find inside!!! They are as if mother nature made you a thank you goodie bag after coming to her party.


Or, if you are not into goodie bags,  you can forget the mix and just go for almonds. A handful of these healthy guys always hits the spot no matter what time in the day. It is having the power to stop after a handful where the risky business is involved. Buying almonds already portioned out is the best way to go.

Tuna and Crackers

Starkist tuna on the goIf you are craving a full meal without having the time for one, tuna is the answer. A solid source of protein and a snack that will keep you full until you find the time to eat again. Which could be never!

Bobos Granola BarBobos Coconut oat bar

These are my go-to G bars. No, not gangster bars, granola bars!!  Healthy, delicious and did I mention delicious? I eat one daily with my afternoon pot of coffee. Try the coconut ones, your body and taste buds will thank me later.



String Cheese

String Cheese

What I love about string cheese is not only is it so easy to take on the go, but it is also fun to freaking eat? Just make sure you get a good brand like this one. Nothing is more frustrating than string cheese that doesn’t peel and you end up having to bite it like a piece of celery!

Roasted Edamame

Roasted Edamame

These roasted beans of heaven are a great chip or popcorn substitute that your body will love. Get them dipped in wasabi weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, spicy time😊

BananasBanana Chips on the go

I know it sounds boring and predictable, but bananas really are the ultimate go-to snack on the run to fuel your body.   Just remember to remove the peel from your car and not leave it under your back seat for a week. It attracts weird bugs… Or so I have heard 😊 Or just play it safe and just get some yummy banana chips instead.

Pumpkin Seeds

David Pumpkin seeds snack on the go

I know many of you associate this with Halloween, but trust me pumpkin seeds are a great snack all year round. A roasted salty treat that is practically all fiber? Yeeeeah, take my word when I say it is just as delicious in January as it is in October.

These are my go-to snacks yummy snacks that do not make my son upset haha.  What else do you recommend I add to my list?


My review of Alove is part of a sponsored program with Alove yogurt.  I received a small compensation in exchange for my thoughts on the product.  This post reflects my true personal opinions and my personal opinion only on all products recommended. #aloveyogurt #alove_partner #sayaloetogoodness

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  1. Wow I’ve never heard of it- I’d like that yogurt! Thanks for all the ideas I usually just eat my kids snacks (bad idea!!!) I need to remember to pack for myself too!

  2. Thanks girl I’m going to check these out as I haven’t tried some that you suggested.

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