Top 10 Things I Miss About California

I recently attempted my “My Facebook  Free August” again this year, in the hopes to  keep focus on my final weeks of my program project and dive in deep into my new job. Last year I was 3 months successful, but this year…I failed after a pathetic 10 days. Reasons for my complete and utter failure are due to: being way too bored on the bus, I could not log in Tinder (I KNOW!), I could not log in Spotify, people started messaging me taking it personally, my mom got sad, but mostly, I started missing everyone and everything about home. My level of loneliness went from 40 percent to 152 percent within a days time and I knew this just was not going to work. Due to lacking other forms of communication in the US, I realized Facebook really is the gateway between my life at home and my life here, and they are both still equally a part of me.

During this time off, I started thinking about what all I miss. What is missing from life that I enjoyed before I turned Aussie?

MY FRIENDS, MY FAMILY, MY DOG, MY TUTUS obviously are a given. I refuse to make this a sad post, so they all get left out until I am ready to write deeply on the subject.

But in the meantime, what else am I missing?

After 4 months of living in this amazing country of Australia, many specific things have been erased from my life once I moved out of California and they began consuming my thoughts during this annual Facebook breakup. This is not a post saying one country is better. This simply is..

The top 10  things I miss about home

(It’s 13 actually, but who is counting?)

13. Dave n Busters

Dave n Busters is a bar/restaurant/gaming paradise!!  I have spent the past ten years of my life religiously playing eating and drinking at this funtastic place. Sadly, there is nothing like it out here in Sydney. Since slot machines and gaming lounges are at every corner, they take up the place of any other type of adult gaming.  I want nothing more than to be shooting some zombies or dinosaurs while sipping on a nice cold beer. Or how about shoot up some b ball? Possibly kick ass in playing some trivia?

Billiards to skeeball to Racing to Zombie killing..YOU NAME IT, THEY HAVE IT!

In Australia….

Billiards to skeeball to Racing to Zombie killing…YOU NAME IT – and they look at you like a DODO


12. Del Taco

Now, this one I knew was going to be an issue the second I decided to move here. Del Taco had quite the hold over me, especially at the 3 am hour.. some might even call it my kryptonite.. Even though it is really bad.. I mean like, not good quality.. most might even say crap,  I still loved my fix πŸ™‚

Carnitas fries, macho burritos, Mexican pizzas, it’s a drunk Hot Messes dream.

There is nothing like it here in Sydney. Most 3 am food consists of kabob stands which are delicious but not what I miss. Though not authentic Mexican, it sure does it hit the spot after a fun night out. If you are ever there, let me know, I’ll tell you want you need to order.

Oh and with some Del Sorcho sauce!!!! Load that baby up. Hot sauce is rare to find here at any restaurants πŸ™ I bring my own  (true story)

11. Hi Chews

My favorite chewy candies from back home. I was lucky enough to be spoiled with a buffet of them the night of my going away party..

And that my friends, was the last time I ever saw them…………..

10.Trader Joes

Trader Joes is by far the best place IN DAAAA WORLD!!! I grew up going there shopping with my mom to buy chocolate (and other stuff but just the chocolate is what I remember) I always imagined that I would meet my future husband there, but nahhh never happened.  Australia has a store called Thomas Dux which is similar but not the same.

Pricey Pricey Pricey

I  cant afford that place, πŸ™

I’d have to meet a husband FIRST who is well off to be even able to afford groceries there,  so it really works backwards with this “meeting the man of my dreams at the market”  scenario.

9. The Imperial Measurement System

This one kills me. Not because I necessary miss it in the sense I think about it when I am bored, just in the sense of I do not understand the new system therefore I feel retarded.  I miss miles, and feet and inches sooooooo soooooo badly. I am starting to get use to the metric system, but it doesn’t come naturally whatsoever. I hear someone say kilometres and still think, “Yea.. no, no idea”.. It is still as foreign as any other language.

So typical for America to just be stubborn and use all the types of measurement that NO ONE ELSE USES!!!

AND Celsius? What the heck! Aint nobody got time for datt!!!!!!

Metric vs Imperial - Does Antartica even have a population?

8. Mexican Food and Mexicans

Mexican food, good Mexican food here is as rare as me placing a lid on correctly(so really, it’s non-existent).  I know there a some good Mexican places in Sydney, not saying there is not,  they are just harder to come by, more expensive, andddd


And of course along with Mexican food I miss their awesome counterpart..


A very large percent of my friends back home are Mexican and it really is just weird to see  nothing but white people every. I miss the taco guy, I miss hearing mariachi music, and I miss hearing the language.

I need some brown in my life

7.  Medicine aka DRUGS

So medicine, lets get into this one shall we. Trying to get drugs in this country is ridiculous! And no I am not referring to our basic drugs that are illegal back home such as cocaine which will cost you a good 300 bucks a gram for horrible quality or pill that is made from sugar for all you know. No no, no drugs like that.. I am talking about legit medicine.

As I have already mentioned, many drugs such as Xanex are illegal here. Which is just insane since back in Orange Country Xanex is considered a major food group.

But I cant even get “normal” drugs over the counter. I used to take Tylenol pm to sleep back at home, I can’t find anything like it here without a prescription. The sleeping aid I got from the Pharmacist was equal to our children allergy medication back at home. So unless I was trying to fall asleep in a fabulous field of Daisies when I was FIVE, it was useless.

And when they give you a prescription, good luck trying to get a refill!

6. Ordering a Regular Coffee

In the morning, all this American girl wants is a freaking coffee. Not a latte or macchiato. JUST A REGULAR  BLACK COFFEE. Here in Australia, you cannot go up to a place and ask for a coffee they will look at you like a retard in confusion on exact what it is you are asking for.  A regular coffee back at home is called a long black here, but even then it still isn’t the same – its about a quarter of a cup full- an espresso with some water. When I try ordering an Americano, nope still doesn’t work.  Now that I work, and I work a lot, there is no more time to waste trying to “try” and order what I want. I recently got down to it, literally. I went down to one of the cafes below my office building and spilled my sob story on my oh so important coffee problems.

The three boys heard me out on this  horrible struggle of mine and from now on, every time I walk by they are  ready to hand me my beautiful regular coffee. Hopefully spit free:/

 5. In N Out

Everyone knew this one was coming. No one moves out of California without thinking if their life would reallyyyy be worth living out the taste of In N out. Delicious double doubles with grilled onions, animal style fries and a chocolate shake. Nothing tastes quite like it and nothing hits the spot more on a hungover Sunday afternoon (after church of course πŸ˜‰ )

I have yet to find a hamburger here in Australia that I really am fond of.

Which is probably a better thing.

 4. Unlimited Mimosas Brunch

Okay, without thinking I am an alcoholic, just know, that unlimited mimosa brunches are a very very popular thing back in the OC an LA.  It is the star feature of everyone’s, “Sunday Funday”. Which involves waking up at 10 am, going to the local bar/pub and  for 20 dollars getting all you can drink mimosas + meal and let the road of  recovery from the night before begin! In the morning, nothing beats some delicious eggs benedict  with a glass of champagne mixed with some fresh squeezed orange juice.


1012847_10151849050472496_736958492_n 1477984_10151862093247496_404276011_n 1526634_10151862093867496_1656024213_n

3. Naked Photo Hunt

This one will be foreign to many of you, so just bare with me and hear me out before you think I am a freak! This is a game, a quite popular game now, in which, I have excelled at for the past 7 years of my life. It has not only been one of my best friends at any bar, but it has also been the gateway to making many friends. Naked photo hunt is a game on video gamers we have at most bars back at home. The screen is split in half with the same picture twice, but there are 5 differences one needs to find in order to move on to the next round.

This could be a nipple, this could be some bangs, a heel, whoo knows???

But I always find out one nipple and one belly button at a time πŸ™‚


2. Ba Ba Ba Ba Bacon

If I would of known that the bacon we have in the states was different then the bacon here, I would of made sure to smuggle some in my bra!!! Though Australia has bacon, duh, they have pigs, it is completely different slice.

The taste – ehh

The texture-  ehhh

It doesnt even COMPARE to our crispy goodness.

I mean, look how beautiful it is….




This is something I never pictured myself ever saying ever in my life time, but my friends, it is true. As much as I absolutely LOVE AUSSIE accents, and still have a very strong weakness when the men say stupid things in my ear, it has came to a point where all I really really want someone to pronounce the letter RRRRRRRRR. Aussies just don’t pronounce it, its like its not even there, its completely neglected,.

It gets NO LOVE : (

Everything is SISTAA, PRESSURAAAA, Dinnaaaa LATTTAAA, Freshaaaa. I need some ERRRRRR everyone once in a while you know?

So that is pretty much the top things that are missing in this lovely Aussie life of mine.
There are plenty of things that almost made the list but I ran out of time to include them.  Don’t worry, I am sure there will be much more to this list the longer I am away  from good ole Cal-i-forn-ia.

It is good to miss things, I believe.

Makes you think. Makes you feel. Makes you look deeper into yourself on exactly what it is about things you miss verse things you do not.

Missing helps you learn about yourself. Helps you cope. Helps to be stronger. Makes me feel alive. But most importantly it makes me appreciate the small things, like this list. Small things you never even think about until you miss them. Small things that really are big things like gratitude and appreciation for my friends and my family, as I know, I am only so lucky to have so many in my life to miss <3

20 thoughts on “Top 10 Things I Miss About California

  1. This fellow SoCal-raised gal was in Sydney last year and ALL I WANTED was a black iced coffee. No one warned me that they wouldn’t know what the hell I was talking about. It was like torture.

  2. I thought I was the only one that missed the letter “r” while living there. When you pronounce it they look at you like you’re from a different world. I feel you on the coffee predicament too, we just want COFFEE!

  3. Your TUTUS? I’ll take that as meaning ballet tutus. Since the idea of you having a collection of Desmond Tutus is just too weird at 5 in the morning.
    So let’s talk about coffee instead. Admittedly, I only know about coffee in America from ten days spent in LA. But I’ll shoot my mouth off anyway and say that for all the Starbuckses and Coffee Bean and Tea Leafs I visited, the best coffee I found was in a small place across the road from Von’s in Wilshire Boulevarde. Elsewhere the emphasis was on quantity rather than quality – a ‘regular’ sized coffee was about two cups’ worth. Filling, but not much of a buzz.
    As for Rrrrrrrs – say the following ten times each morning before breakfast: Brrrrrrooooome, Esperance – omit the second ‘e’, so it emerges as ‘Esprrance’ – Canbrrra, and Turramurra.
    If symptoms persist seek professional help.

  4. I feel like dropping by your place and taking you out for a true blue Australian experience. Well, you can’t quite put that in a bottle because there’s a lot of diversity in our culture. I didn’t catch where you are living in Australia but certainly our cities are multi-cultural but with probably more of an Asian or Mediterranean feel.
    While you can get homesick without your faves from home, part of the point of travel is to experience a different culture and to leave home behind. I did a stint in Germany and it was hard to be so cut off from home, especially as there was no email, skype etc back then…just expense phone calls.
    My husband lived in California for 3 months. I asked him some of the things he missed: there was decent chocolate, milk that wasn’t so thin it was transparent, an Aussie BBQ with proper steak, he found the bread was very sweet. He also complained about the coffee over there but said he did find something strong enough.
    Here is a list of things you should try in Australia:
    1) vegemite.
    2) Tim Tams.
    3) Aussie BBQ
    4) Pavlova
    5) Lamingtons
    6) Mango
    7) Macadamia nuts
    8) Great asian food
    9) Milk bar style hamburger.
    xx Rowena

    1. I have tried most of those things and love it!! πŸ™‚ I am yet to be homesick (luckily) but as you can see, just some things here and there is what I miss. But Australia definitely has some better things here than home, which I will write about soon πŸ™‚

      Thanks for all your support πŸ™‚

  5. Hello,
    Thank you for liking my inspiration, encouragement post on The Road to Getting Published. Love your blog! I miss Florida and my family, too. Getting back there to see everybody at least once a year helps….and vitamin D — after being indoors for too long in the dead of a cold Colorado winter — beats depression. You hang in there; it will get better, I promise.


  6. Hahahahaha.

    Going down the list I was like “Where’s In-n-Out?!?!”
    SO surprised there isn’t Hi-Chew there. There has to be! It’s so close to South East Asia. Perhaps at an Asian supermarket/snack shop?
    Also equally surprised about the coffee. Like what?! Disappointing. …I suppose you could always go to Starbucks and the like. That’s the same no matter where you go. Ha.

    xxo Carly

  7. Hey, I’m from the UK and although I think technically we are meant to know about the Metric system (being European and all) we don’t and we don’t use it really. Our signs are all miles and I don’t get km…. so don’t feel too bad.

  8. Thanks for the “like” on my last poem. I liked the “20 Ways Your Life Changes” post of yours a great deal and I’ve been around the world without getting to Australia though. I’ve always admired the country from afar. Great list!

    I heard about the things you’ve highlighted, here, from Aussies on my travels. I’m glad you’re acclimating well. It would have been cool to cross paths with you when you were still in SoCal; your sense of humor is sharp.

    Take care of yourself and have a blast. The lack of contact with friends is a bit of a bummer, I do agree. It’s humorous how relocating a few time zones can alter a friendship – but it does make you evaluate if the bond was real from the outset. Be well, Michelle.

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