Gifts for your partner: Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him or Her

Gifts for your partner.. it is that time of the year for Valentine’s Day that is all about love love and loveeeeeeeeeeeeee.. and a thoughtful gift! Orrrr, being single chugging a bottle of wine and a gallon of ice cream that also gives loveeee ( or regret.. or a tummy ache, or hugging the toilet all night long).

Either way, here is his and hers Valentine’s Day gift guide everyone can enjoy.

Tesalate Towels

A gift for your partner is always better when it includes you both being together.ย  These beach and workout towels are 100 percent antibacterial, lightweight, and frankly, beautiful with the designs. Give a gift that keeps you both happy, healthy, and watches out for those thunder thighs.

Check out the towels hereย 

Thompson’s Luxury Soap

What girl (or guy) would not love to live the life of pure bath luxury. Bath bombs, luxury soaps, even dish soaps, this mom and pop shop knows their soaps, skincare, and the importance of feeling relaxed. Their soaps and products are made with goat milk, to ensure the highest treatment and relaxing experience.

Check it all out here

Let’s Get Deep Adult Party Game by What Do You Meme?

sexy game for lovers, gift for partners

Why not give a fun-loving game to your partner to bring you closer together.ย  I would assume you know what buttons you should or not push with your partner when it comes to games. But hey, this game leaves it all up to you both ๐Ÿ™‚ Might lead to a lot of loving in th of being alone in the dog house.

Check out the fun here

20 Romantic Coupons, A Perfect Gift For Your Partner

If you are not in the mood to take your partner out or give a body massage, that’s okay! You can use coupons for a future date. Fun and creative coupons are the perfect gift for your partner toย  bring spice to the relationship while also having some power and leverage over your partner

16oz Stoneware Love Ya Mean It Color Splash Mug

Giving gifts to your partner with cups or sayings can cause embarrassment for your partner. Love ya, mean it! is the most super laid back way of saying I love you, and more socially acceptable to drink out of so your friends don’t tease the crap out of you.

Check it out here

MD Sports 5 in 1 Combo Arcade Game Table

Does your partner enjoy Billards? Would giving a gift to you your partner like basketball make them happy? air hockey? Foosball? ping pong? Or maybe just you do?ย  This 1 in 5 table is the ultimate gift for couples who enjoy games and a bit of competition. Maybe just be prepared for one of you to sleep on the couch?

Spa Gift Basket Perfect Gift For Your Partner

Though this might be a bigger hit for her, he would also love this (but obviously will never admit it) Relax in the tub with a glass of wine and bubbles. Perfection and relaxations for anyone who gets this spa treatment.

Some Toliet Paper Fun

funny toliet paper, cute gift for your partner

Gifts for your partner usually would appreciate a thoughtful yet comical present. Toilet paper that makes you laugh?ย  Wipe your ass with something that says I love the shit out of you and make that wipe so meaningful. You can shit and be romantic at the same time! Who knew ๐Ÿ™‚

Learn how to wipe yourself here


What a better way to reach her/his heart than through wine. A lot of wine. This sampler pack gives everyone the chance to explore new wines from the country and give the ones you don’t like sneakily to your partner.

Get the wine here

You Make My Heart Go Boom Personalized Romantic 30 Cal Ammo Box

If your partner is into like…. hmm.. blowing shit up? this personalized box is perfect for all those pyromaniac lovers you love to death. This is a Genuine 30 Cal M2A1 ammo can that was used by the military is a part of history and now apart of your life. Stuff the box with fireworks, cigars, or vibrating dildos, it really doesn’t matter. This can will bring a smile to any military lover’s face or anyone that respects the importance and respect to those who have served.

Dessert’s On Me! Personalized Chocolate Body Paint

body chocolate paint, a gift to your partner on valentines day

Who doesn’t like chocolate especially went painted on a naked body? Gifts for your partner should be sexy that should be personalized to say whatever you want to your partner. Enjoy the fun, taste, and creativity with this no limit of possibilities body paint.

Personalized Wine Bottle and Labels

wine bottle, thoughtful gift for your partner

Gifts for your partners always are more successful when personalized. Why buy a 40 dollar bottle of wine when you can give the gift of a personal message labeled bottle You both can enjoy. How much more does wine taste when drinking out of a bottle with a label dedicated to you.

Lingerie. Just Do it.

sexy gifts for your partner for valentines day

Every girl likes to feel sexy and every guy enjoys seeing a woman dressed in practically nothing. Find something you like, wear it ladies or guys give it to your lady. I do not foresee any arguments or Pickering the rest of the night. I see love, fun, and a lot of spanking?

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