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Healthy Spices from Spice Beast – A Hot Mess Review

Anyone who knows me knows I am a spice girl. Well, not a “spice girl” running around screaming girl power in booty shorts across the UK. Instead, a spice girl I love healthy spices on everything I eat.

So when I got the opportunity to partner up with Spice Beast, I was beyond ready to go down to flavor town! Let’s not forget to mention how spices could be the best holiday gift for Dad or a gift for Mom.

Spice beast spice mixes


About Spice Beast and Their Healthy Spices

spice beast logo

Created by a man (or a beast) in New York,  his vision was to create healthy spices that are clean with great flavor that even the spice challenged can love. Whether you live a paleo, gluten-free, or just stuff whatever in your mouth lifestyle, their products are designed to make meal prep easily yummy by offering 12 unique spice mixes.

Spice Beast Review Time

In order for me to get a real taste for what Spice Beast had to offer, I requested the Meal Prep Survival Kit ($15.99) This sample kit includes all 12 of their spice blends which offer around 18 -36 servings.

meal prep survival kit

I tried every single spice right when I opened it because duh, I was a kid in a candy shop!

But the real test comes when you actually add it to cooking like normal people, and these are two mixes that stood out.

License to Dill

License_to_Dill spice beast

I feel like dill is one of those spices that always gets overlooked and ignored. I get it, it’s hard just to put straight dill on anything without it making the dish feel to.. dilly?? And when I buy dill mixes most of the time they come out too salty.  I put License to Dill on my salmon and wowwww! It added just enough dill, garlic and lemon to my fish without it being too salty or too overpowering.  I normally suck at making fish taste edible but  I think I actually hit the mark with this mix!

Price $12.99
INGREDIENTS:  Dill weed, parsley, onion, garlic, lemon peel, orange peel.

Ocean’s Seven

ocean sevens spice beast

Ocean Seven’s is uniquely awesome because it has 16 grams of protein inside! Whatt???  This makes me so happy when it comes to days I just wanna pig out on a thing of asparagus or Brussels sprouts as it allows me to get my protein fix too without having to throw a chicken leg on the fire.

Price $14.99
INGREDIENTS:  Garlic, parsley, organic pea protein powder, basil, thyme, sea salt, pepper, lemon. Natural, non-GMO, non-irradiated, no preservatives, Organic ingredients, Gluten-free, Sugar-free.


 Final Thoughts on Spice Beast’s Healthy Spices

spice beast spices

The good stuff

  • He has the best healthy spices for every type of taste bud.
  • Spice Beast spices are delicious and really thought out.
  • They are clean with no additives, salt, sugar and are safely packaged in glass jars as opposed to nasty plastic.
  • The brand makes spices fun and really care about their products and customers.
  • They make it very easy to meal prep no matter what lifestyle you lead.
  • They provide a free meal guide to follow to help inspire dish ideas and with recommendations of what spice goes well with what.

The not so good stuff of these healthy spices

  • Their spice mixes do not come cheap for the average person looking to buy spices.
  • Though they have a good range, I am definitely missing some curry mixes and other ethnic spices that I would love to use.
  • No shipping internationally yet, as I would love to send spices to my friends in Australia.

spice beast garlic glory

If you are like me and love spicing everything up with different flavors, Spice Beast is perfect! All the mixes are uniquely configured and well balanced. Also, if you are a meal planner,  also like myself, their mixes help that pound of chicken in the oven turn into 5 different tasty meals.

Having that all said, Spice Beast is a gourmet product that makes it a bit on the higher price side for spices. If you have survived your whole life by just adding salt and pepper to everything then well, I feel sorry for you, but also, Spice Beast might be more flavor than you are after. However, that doesn’t mean Spice Beast would not be a perfect gift to your brother in law who loves to grill or your wife who needs a subtle hint that her cooking could use a little help.
(your words, not mine) 🙂

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My review is part of a sponsored program with Spice Beast. I received a small compensation in exchange for my thoughts on their products.  However, this post reflects my true personal opinions and my personal opinion only on all products.  Read more in my disclosure policy.


  1. That’s awesome. I always tell my girls, condiments and spices are the death of my bank account. lol Food is cheap but flavor is living high on the hog. 🙁

    1. This is very very true! haha 🙂

  2. I thought license to dill was very funny and captivating. How did you come up with your logo?

  3. I like it that they don’t use sugar or additives in there, so much more flavor without the filler!

  4. These look awesome. I like the variety of flavors!

  5. The spices sound amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Ooh I have Crohn’s and try to be conscious about better choices, thanks for sharing these options!

  7. What fun names for spices!

  8. I love that they offer a free meal guide. I’d love to try them out.

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