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7 Reasons Why Social Media is the Worst for Moms

Social media for moms is the definition of a gift… Or wait, is it a curse?

   It keeps us in touch with the world but also distracts us with false realities, expectations, and too many talking cat videos!  Like many of us moms,  when we are not too busy cleaning poop off the wall or hiding in the bathroom to eat alone, social media is our escape even though it can be the worst.

Keeping up with the Jones…Who got a new car? Did you see that new ring? And please, can you all notice how happy I appear to be in this photo?

Here are 7 Reasons why social media is the worst for moms

Birthday Party or Royal Gala?

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Thanks to social media, these days every kid’s birthday party needs to be better and bigger than the one they saw on Instagram the month before. Forget what your 2-year-old actually cares about, if it is not exciting enough for people to stop and comment on, apparently it is not a party!

Social Media Mom-Shamers


Social media for moms hold a special place in the bad place for all those mom shamers.  Being a mom is tough enough without having other moms make them feel like crap.  Mom shamers are the high school mean girls of mommyhood. Their goal is to make you feel like crap and insecure about being a mom. And thanks to Social media, oh golly do those bullies come out of the woodwork.



Everyone always posts how much fun it is to get out and have this drink.  Let’s not mention the tanning at this beach, watching a band. It all makes other mothers feel left out. Social media makes it as if everyone but you is screaming, YOLOOOOO!! While you are screaming “don’t put that in your mouth” instead. 

Social Media Gender Reveals, Really?

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Come on people, these are just getting ridiculous.  Did you see the guy who caused a wildfire from his “amazing” gender reveal? I bet you the next trend is going to be up on the freakin moon for a reveal.   Social media is causing gender reveals to be taken too far when we all know they never used to be this crazy. If my tax paying dollars are going towards the Fire Department on call for you, you need to pay me back, okayyy?!

So So Pretty?

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As a work from home single mom, it is safe to say I do not get out much.. orrrr put on much makeup… orrrr like ever get changed out of my pjs. But between all the miracle products I see people selling and wearing on social media and Snapchat filtered photos, I always feel like an ugly piece of fajita steak!  I mean,  I am lucky if I get the energy to put both contacts in! Social media is making mom feels like they need to enhance their looks when in fact, they do not at all.

The Perfect Family

happy family

On social media everyone’s family is perfect. No fighting, just smiling in a picture in front of the fireplace. Once again, no one is going to post the catfight that just went down about who wore the gold belt better, you are just gonna see a happy functional family in your face. Normal motherhood is yelling, crying, happy, sad, crappy, should we go to the ER…?

Social media is a great way to feel connected with your friends, family, and just society in general. Having that said, moms need to take everything they see and read with a grain of salt.

Best Vacation Ever


When you are home exhausted, cooking, cleaning, and digging cheerios out of your toenails, nothing is worse than seeing everyone on holiday in the Bahamas. When you are just busy doing mom stuff and you happen to glance at social media, it feels like everyone is on a vacation BUT YOU! How did they find the time? When did they get the time to plan it all? Though I think seeing friends on vacation should be a good motivation to make it part of your goal for the year, don’t believe everything you see on social media.  Yes, I am sure the beach is beautiful and the hotel room view is perfect..No one will be posting about the bed bug issue on the sheets or Bob’s drinking problem. Yes, the minibar does cost extra.

Social Media is the Worst For Moms Sum Up

People in general on social media use it as a platform to make everyone believe they live the life they wish they did. Mostly never publicize anything negative in their life, therefore only promoting the positive.  Which, I totally get that and agree with holding back on anything private that might cause a negative wave.

I guess the problem is with many moms who do not get out much and depend on social media as a platform for news and insight into the world, they assume they can not relate to others when their own world doesn’t match what they see.

Just remember, everyone sees that amazing Christmas family photo but no one sees the photographer quitting and mother in law taking a shot of vodka before the first snap.

<3 Hot Mess

P.S. My next article will be on why it’s the best so don’t get your panties in a bunch 🙂

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  1. You seem to have read my mind girl, I always wonder how is everyone’s family so perfect and how does everyone seems to have their dream vacation 😂😂 loved reading it

  2. I agree with a lot of this. Social media can be the devil. lol.

  3. It’s easy to forget that social media isn’t a true picture of real life. I always struggle with the perfectly staged photos and kids with designer outfits haha my kids look like they are still stuck in the 90s with how they dress haha

  4. This is real. Social media is fun and super addicting, but it can also be REALLY bad for us.

  5. I have learned to create healthy boundaries for social media. It’s easy to get caught up.

  6. Yes it’s true , agree with most of it especially the perfect family one. Though there are some great advantages of social media too. We should refrain ourselves from the fake news and stuff and use it for constructive purpose.

  7. Oh my gosh you are totally cracking me up!!! I always wish I could flip the camera when I take photos to see the piles behind the camera ; )! Lynn

  8. This is too true. Thank you doll for the post!!

  9. Yes! This is so accurate and I feel like so many people compare themselves to what they see on social media. It’s like getting a Holiday Newsletter every day where people just say the positives of their life. It’s important to remind people that behind photos, there’s always a bigger story.

  10. So true. I have blogged about our not so perfect vacations and how if you simply looked at the photos you’d think it was magical. A picture only tells part of the story.

  11. I totally agree that SM can be very damaging if you let it. People show their highlights, not their low moments, which can be so misleading. Everything in moderation, just like our moms taught us!

  12. It’s easy to feel like we aren’t measuring up when we see all of those perfect pictures on social media. We need to remember that those perfectly curated pictures aren’t real life… and they aren’t the standard we need to measure up to. lol

  13. It’s good to step back and take a break from social media every once in awhile.

  14. Too many lies and pressure on social media. I think it’s important to filter what you take in from social media if you want to stay sane!

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