Canvases, Wallpaper and Wall Murals, Photowall – a Hot Mess Review and Exclusive Deal

  I still don’t match my socks, or anything really in life, but that doesn’t mean my unmatching doesn’t have meaning.  For example when it comes to my house, it looks like I have random prints, canvases, and drawings on each wall.  Some from my 5-year-old who is a genius at drawing creepy space animals. Others are just a bunch of pictures in crappy frames. And others are canvases of musicians or places that look completely randomly placed on my walls.

But psshhh… here is a secret…

Whether it is something on my foot or on my wall, matching or not… it all has meaning and purpose, and usually good fucking story behind it 🙂

About Photowall

I linked up with Photowall to find some cool canvases for my walls that help represent who I am.

“The most interesting homes are the ones that express people’s personalities. There, you will find wallpapers and prints that reflect their interests, dreams, and ideas.” – Photowall

So you see now why obviously a partnership with them would be a great fit to my house and a fun tool to help express my personality.

Photowall is known for their ability to transform a room with their top quality wallpaper and decors and give a brand-new look and feel to any part of the house.  You can pick from thousands of options, or upload your own design to make sure your vision comes to life.

They are very popular for their high quality wallpaper. I sadly have no idea how to do wallpaper and my landlord would kill me if I attempted to put wall paper on his already questionable walls from 1965..  soooo ordering canvases were the best way to express myself without having to worry about never seeing my security deposit ever again.

How it Works

Photowall’s website is super easy to navigate and see all their options.

Just pick what you are after and it will help you go from there.


Whether you are after wallpaper or prints, it will give you a menu of categories to choose from.  If you are unsure what you are after, you can browse the bestsellers or check out all the categories. If you know what you are after, you can use the search bar or browse the category. You can mark (heart) all items you like, so you can look at them all later.

For me personally, I put hearts by so many because everything looked amazing, and I didn’t know what I was after. But then I saw this photo, which was a place camped at when I lived in Australia… boom…. like magic… my search was over.

Once you have finished picking out your products, it gives you all the information needed for you to decide on what delivery method, timeframe, and price that works best for you. As my son would say, “it’s all eassyyyy peasssyyyy”.

A Wrap Up

The Good Stuff

  • Canvas, wallpaper, etc, anything you buy from Photowall I ensure you will be high quality.
  • Quick shipping
  • For those products that require some assembling on your end, it is super easy. If not as easy as it seems, they have videos on their website per product to help.
  • They have live chat to help out with any questions about anything!
  • If you are not satisfied, they give you a refund! (within 30 days of course, not like after 6 months of your roommate smoking all over the wall art)

The Maybe Not So Good Stuff

  • Live chat with customer service might be delayed if you are not in Europe.
  • Even with their videos and instructions provided, putting up wallpaper is hard if you are not a professional. They don’t provide the actual service, just their product.  But I think that is a given, right?
  • They have too many options??! 🙂

It doesn’t matter if you are after unique wallpaper designs, murals or canvases, Photowall has you covered. Their site has designs for all and everything at high quality, low cost, providing wall product decor you would be proud to show off to even your in laws you are convinced are from a different planet.

 Use michellehotmess20 for your exclusive discount code for 20% off.


My review of Photowall is part of a sponsored collaboration. I received a small compensation in exchange for my thoughts on their products.  However, this post reflects my true personal opinions and my personal opinion only on all products.  Read more in my disclosure policy.

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