15 Toddler Halloween Costumes Guaranteed to Put a Smile on Your Face

Let’s face it, toddler Halloween costumes are just the cutest. Toddlers aren’t already cute enough without having to dress them up like some fluffy animal. Whether you have a boy or girl, these toddler costumes are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. And after Halloween make sure to get them the best gift this holiday season.

Big Mouth Blue/Green Fish Toddler Costume

toddler fish costume

Get it Now $30 (Target)

Toddler Banana Halloween Costume

toddler banana costume

Get it Now $20 (Target)

Carter’s  Avocado 2 Piece

baby avocado costume

Get it Now $20 (Amazon)

Toddler Carrot Halloween Costume
baby carrot costume toddler halloween

Get it Now $15 (Target)

 Peacock Toddler Halloween Costume

Get it Now $29 (Amazon)

Spooktacular Toddler Baby Costume Lion

baby lion costume

Get it Now $23 (Amazon)

Spooktacular Creations Monkey Costume Deluxe Set
baby monkey Halloween costume toddler

Get it Now $20 (Amazon)

Carter’s Halloween Costume Baby 2 Pieces
pineapple halloween costume baby toddler

Get it Now$ 20 (Amazon)

Toddler Aquatic Goldfish Halloween Costume

goldfish baby costume

Get it Now $29 (Amazon)

 Baby Strawberry Costume
strawberry toddler halloween costume

Get it now $15 (Amazon)

Toddler Halloween Costume Sunflower
baby toddler sunflower costume

Get it Now $16 (Amazon)

Toddler Plush Shark Halloween Costume toddler shark costume halloween toddler

Get it Now $25 (Target)

Toddler Plush Elephant Rider Halloween
elephant toddler costume

Get it Now $25 (Target)

Toddler Where’s Waldo? Halloween Costume
where is waldos halloween costume baby toddler

Get it Now $20 (Target)

Toddler Popcorn Halloween Costume
popcorn toddler halloween costume

Get it Now $15 (Target)

Toddler Puppy Cuddles Halloween Costume
dog toddler Halloween costume

Get it Now (Target)

Toddler Halloween costumes are the best, and I hope you found one here to make your heart melt 🙂

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  1. These costumes are adorable!!! My son will be celebrating his first Halloween this year and Ive decided he will be Jack Jack from the Incredibles. I will be Mrs. Incredible. People keep telling me my son looks like Jack Jack and I agree.

    1. aww that is gonna be so cute! I am still figuring out my costume and his. There are just too many cute ones! haha

  2. I don’t have kids but I want one just to dress them up in these costumes! They are absolutely adorable!

  3. Oh goodness. How cute are these?!?
    I love the baby shark.

  4. These are so adorable. Love the pineapple costume.

  5. Oh my these are so cute! Is there anything better than little ones in adorable costumes!?!

  6. Hey what fun and not a ghost or skeleton in sight, so refreshing

  7. My little girl would love that shark one. I blame Baby Shark.
    These are all really cute options!

  8. These are so stinkin cute! My girls are young adults but I loved dressing them up for Halloween!

  9. These are cute costumes for little people. They are absolutely adorable.

  10. Such a unique list of costumes for kids. I loved the rider elephant one.

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