I tried CBD for Sleep and Anxiety and This is What Happened

As a single mother, I often struggle with general anxiety, sleeping issues and you know, keeping sane!  My friends have often recommended marijuana for these issues because it works wonders for many of them.

I personally have never had the right brain chemistry for marijuana. Extreme paranoia, eating a gallon of ice cream for no reason, not knowing how to remember words or being so quiet people think I am sleeping with my eyes open. Yeahhhh… easy to say weed and me have never been the best of friends.

So when friends also recommended using CBD products to help with sleeping and anxiety I thought…

Weed, CBD, marijuana, THC, aren’t they all the same thing?

How is something that gives me anxiety going to help fix my anxiety?

That’s when I got a big kick in the head from my friends and you know, actually doing research. Unlike THC which is the compound in the hemp plant that gets you “high”,  CBD is a non-intoxicating compound, which means it will not get you high. Word on the street is that you are able to experience the many health benefits of the cannabis plant without having to order 50 dollars of Jack in the Box at 3am and then forgetting 10 mins later that you already ordered 50 dollars worth of McDonald’s at 2am.

Though CBD is used to help many different types of health issues, sleep and anxiety were the 2 things that raised my curiosity.  I am at the point in my life after 15 years of taking over the counter sleeping aids that I know are not being kind to my body, I am on the hunt to find a natural way to assist with sleeping and anxiety.

I tried CBD tincture, gummies, chocolate, and bath bombs to help with sleep and anxiety and this is what happened.

CBD Chocolate for Sleep and Anxiety


Let’s start with the most important food group…CHOCOLATE!!!! If you are like me and eat a chocolate bar before going to sleep every night because you are pretty certain your doctor said to, CBD chocolate from Terpen is going to be your new best friend.

Terpen has Raspberry, Dark and Mint chocolate bars to indulge in, but I only tried the mint chocolate bar.  I was expecting it to taste like some weed-infused brownie from the ’70s, but ohhh not at all. It tasted like rainbows and happiness with a minty kick! AKA just normal chocolate 🙂 Within 45 minutes of eating a few pieces, I could feel myself feeling ready to call it a night and lay down. I was able to let my mind actually relax instead of thinking about stupid thoughts like, how do we really know how dinosaurs sounded?

Unless you are my dentist I haven’t seen in 4 years… CBD chocolate is literally the best thing that has ever entered my life since my pocket rocket. .. I mean.. sliced bread! Delicious, calming, and… oh you know, it is chocolate!!!!!

To learn more about Terpen and their products click here and use my code MICHT35 for 10% off your entire order!

CBD Capsules for Sleep and Stress

I can’t say that I am the biggest fan of taking pills. Unless it is some type of miracle happy pill or something I would have enjoyed dancing all night with in my early 20’s, safe to say I am not the biggest fan of pills. But since I am determined to find the most effective and best CBD products for sleep and stress, there was no way I was going to leave out this popular item.

I started by taking one capsule from the CBD company Tanasi an hour before bed to see how I would respond.  The first night it had the usual CBD mind calming effects, which allowed me to relax in bed before eventually falling asleep. After 4 days I decided to try taking 2 before bed and I discovered that was the ticket! The nights I would take 2 before bed, not only would it calm my mind, but I would be out within an hour instead of 3 or 4 like usual. The best bonus of this product, is that I would wake up with a very low level of stress, which is very rare. Like, I would just wake up happy and not worried or concerned that my son smeared pasta sauce all over the carpet the night before. Yes, he is an angel 🙂 The capsules are easy to swallow, have no taste and they do not do a number on my tummy.

Tanasi capsules contain MCT Oil, Sunflower Oil, and a CBD blend from Cannabis Sativa L.

To learn more about Tanasi and all of their awesome products click here and use my code HOTMESS30 for 30% of your order!!

CBD Tincture for sleep

CBD tincture for sleep

So Tincture is something I have never actually heard of until my CBD research.  I never knew people ingested oil other than cooking up some delicious fish and chips? Hey, you learn something new every day!

  Receptra Naturals were nice enough to send me a sample of their Serious Rest + Chamomile Tincture to test out for my sleeping issues. Their CBD tincture contains MCT oil, linalool, hints of valerian root, and flavors such as vanilla, peppermint, and chamomile or a cup of tea my grandma probably would have loved.

I first put a teeny tiny drop on my tongue to check the taste because I actually was scared it would be awful. Silly Sally, it was minty vanilla and forever welcomed in my mouth.  Once I knew that it would not make me run to find the nearest toilet, I filled the dropper up, stuck it in my mouth and waited for something hopefully to kick in?

I started feeling a slight calming effect probably after an hour. Instead of my brain doing its normal song and dance before I go to bed,  I was actually allowed to lay there and just chill.  Rather than thinking about every stupid worry that ever existed, my mind just relaxed with a handful.

For anyone who knows about your mind getting triggered to go into overdrive the second you lay down, I can honestly say the following … I only thought about my pillow and the tincture that made me just think of my freaking pillow. It doesn’t cure my overactive mind at night, but it does limit my brain from going into overdrive.

To learn more about Receptra Naturals and all of their products click here and use my code HOTMESS10 for 10% off and free shipping

CBD Gummies for Anxiety

CBD Gummies were the first CBD product that got brought to my attention because… I love candy!!  My first impression of the gummies from cbdMD was holy crap, delicious!!! If it was not for the fact it had CBD in it, that whole bottle would have been demolished in 20 minutes!!

I tried my first gummy after my son threw his 21,255 tantrum of the day and my anxiety level was a weeee bit high. I am not sure if this was purely a placebo because I was expecting it to do something or if it really worked, but I felt calmer within 45 mins.

The next time I took a gummy was when I was getting ready for a 12-hour plane ride to Spain.  I always get nervous flying and usually take a Xanax to calm those stupid nerves or want a doctor sitting next to me justttttt in case.

This time around I decided not to take a Xanax since I am trying to go natural and tried taking 2 gummies instead. Halfway through the flight, I noticed I was still feeling calm and the extreme anxiety that consumes me while flying was very limited.  I am in no way comparing Xanax with CBD, haha. No. But the CBD gummies did what I needed which was not to have a panic attack and be that crazy person on the plane. They helped me to not think about my fear of heights, smelly people next to me that take off their shoes, and the annoyance that flights no longer give free peanuts!!!

To learn more about cbdMD and all of their products click here and use my code HOTMESS15 for 15% of your order!

CBD Bath Bombs for Anxiety

Sadly, I’m not a huge bath person these days. Baths only happen with my 2-year-old son, his 10 different types of Sponge Bob figures and the cast of Sesame Street beneath my butt. It’s been years since I did the whole relaxation routine. You know, a glass of wine, candles,  slow jazz and The Hansen brothers playlist (shhh don’t judge).

I was sent a CBD bath bomb by cbdMD to test when I could get the rare night to myself to bath bomb away!!!!!

From the moment I opened the wrapper I already loved it. It made my whole bathroom smell like lavender and luxury instead of cheerios and diapers.

It was very relaxing. The aroma it gave was soothing and dreamy. I could have laid there for hours if I hadn’t had my son eating soap by the bathroom door. But here is the thing.. did the great experience have anything to do with CBD? I don’t know? I don’t take enough baths to compare a bath bomb with CBD with one that doesn’t have CBD.  I can not say for a fact that the CBD bath bombs helped relieve muscle aches or anything like that because… I never had any to start!!!

What I can say it definitely was relaxing, refreshing and filled my bathroom with an amazing scent. I feel I need to try it again when I have a  muscle ache to really give you an accurate opinion.

try cbd for anxiety

CBD Regulation Note

One thing that you need to keep in mind when it comes to starting your CBD journey is that like all other dietary supplements, the products are not regulated by the FDA. This means many companies are not honest about what they put in their products because they are cheap douchebags.

I made sure to do my research on Terpen, Receptra Naturals, Tanasi and cbdMD before agreeing to test out their products. I have also given you my full and honest opinion on every product I tried. From talking to these companies personally and trying their products, I believe they are all honest companies that also have reputations for producing high-quality CBD products.

Still, having that said, I think it is important to do your own research before you take the dive into CBDland so you can feel comfortable with the right products from the right company. When doing your research, take a look at where they get their plant from, ingredients,  where they are located, and check reviews from previous customers. CBD is not exactly the cheapest thing in the world, so make sure you spend your money the best way you can.

Final Thoughts

So the whole thing about me being worried that CBD was like weed and would get me high…yeah.. not at all. Just stupid. CBD is nothing like THC, I can confirm that as a fact! CBD, to me, is just like ingesting something that gives you a slight chill pill if you let it. Some nights CBD doesn’t work to put me to sleep because my mind is too active trying to remember some random memory from 1987.  But, most nights it is just perfect. Everyone’s experience will be different,  just like every day is different for me with my struggle with sleep and anxiety.

I hope this post gave some good insight on CBD for sleep and anxiety and can open your mind up to try it out. My personal goal, as mentioned before, is to move away from all unnatural products (aka pharmaceuticals) I use for sleep and anxiety, and go all-natural. For me,  CBD has proven to be a good solution and I feel positive having CBD be part of my daily routine moving forward.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions on my experiences or contact any of these companies with your questions!

<3 Hot Mess

Disclaimer:  I received free products in exchange for my thoughts to review the experience.  This post reflects my true personal opinions and my personal opinion only on all products.
Please note: this post may contain affiliate links. See our disclosure policy for full details.

CBD for sleep and anxiety

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  1. Like you, I lump marijuana and CBD in the same category. I’m deathly afraid of taking anything that removes my control or limits my functions. Thank you for your honesty as it relates to the products. I can’t say I’m sold or that I’m ever try it, but it was an eye opening and informative read.

    1. Well it sounds like you are a non-weed smoker like myself haha I truly thought it was all in the same and stayed away from CBD for years. CBD has no drugging effect or. No high. Just a subtle calm of the mind, at least for me. Many people say it does nothing! It’s not a drug like I feel it gets categorized as from people like me before, where I knew nothing but was to scared to try.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve definitely considered trying CBD for its health benefits regarding anxiety, but haven’t been able to go for it yet!

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience! I’ve considered trying CBD for its health benefits regarding anxiety, but haven’t quite gone for it yet!

    1. I hesitated for 2 years haha! and wish I would have tried it sooner 🙂 thanks for sharing your thought! 🙂

  4. I’m hearing so much about CBD benefits lately. It all sounds very encouraging for the potential benefits on a wide spectrum of issues!

  5. This is a wonderful read. I love the information you shared and your honesty. CBD has done wonders for so many people and it really makes so many sleep well.

  6. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have thought about CBD for quite a while but the only thing that stops me is the fact that it’s not regulated and I haven’t had time to research the companies that are actually trustworthy. So thank you for promoting the companies that you felt were legit.

  7. Not sure if I am able to get CBD in the UK but i’m sure gonna do some research about it. Thank you for sharing.

  8. That is so interesting! I’ve been hearing about CBD and I hadn’t taken the time yet to figure out what it is or how it worked. I really appreciate hearing about your experiences with CBD.

  9. This is super interesting! I’ve been wondering about CBD and anxiety. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I really want to try cbd as I keep hearing great things about it! I’ve heard they even have some for kids to help with so many things! Thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. yes you should! I have not tried any with my son but yes I have heard the same, even with doggies! 🙂

  11. I would really to try this, CBD for sleep and anxiety, and to also see if it would help with my panic attacks. And as long as it doesn’t have allergic reactions. I need help with sleeping. I don’t know if I can get it here

    1. aww well not sure where you are, but if you can I was recommend to try it and see if it works for you.

  12. I’ve tried CBD for my chronic pain. But I tried the gummies and didn’t like them. I’ll definitely look into that chocolate!

  13. I have been wondering about CBD for a long time. Thanks to your post, I think I’ll try it!!

  14. Have you been prescribed the CBD? Have you noticed any side effects? I have been having problems sleeping lately

    1. No its just over the counter and no I have not felt any side effects what so ever, it is a very mild feeling

  15. I have been having problems sleeping lately too. Have you been prescribed the CBD? Have you noticed any side effects? Thanks!

  16. I’ve always wondered about CBD products for sleep and anxiety! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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