10 Super Fun Toddler Toys For Under 40 Dollars

Finding the right toy can be quite a struggle for toddlers. Short attention spans and picky tastes can easily put that brand new toy in a box they will never open again.  But don’t worry, I found some fun toys that will not only get them to learn and develop, but also help get their imaginations running wild! So here are 10 Super Fun Toddler Toys For Under 40 Dollars.

Kidzlane Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

bluetooth karaoke microphone kidzlane

Get your toddler dancing and singing with this Bluetooth microphone from Kidzlane. Whether they want to record themselves singing their own tune, or they want to sing along to one of the 10 built-in jingles, this toy is guaranteed fun for your little one.

Get it Now $29.99 (Amazon)

Little Tikes 3-in-1 Sports Zone

soccer basket bowling toddler toyIntroduce your kiddo to 3 sports at once. This way they are sure to at least like part of the toy!

Get it Now $35.49 (Target)

Interactive Toddler Guitar
toddler guitar toy

Help your toddlers get into the groove with this awesome electric guitar.

Kidzlane Tool Set

toddler tool kit toddler toy

Get your toddler ready to help out around the house with this adorable 20 piece toolset.  Your little handy one gets safety goggles, a real tape measure, a hammer, nails, nuts, bolts, a wrench, a ratchet, channel lock pliers and a screwdriver.

Get it Now $23.99 (Amazon)

Large Aqua Magic Water Doodle Mat 

doddle mat for toddlers

This is always a hit with the kiddos! drawing and playing and then it gets wiped clean!

Get it Now $21.99 (Amazon)

Kidzlane Veterinarian Doctor Kit

play vet toddler toy

It is time to have your kiddo help take care of someone else for a change with this 17 piece Kidzlane kit. Get their little imaginations going while teaching them to care for others.

Get it Now $29.99 (Amazon)

Kiddey Children’s Dual Play Tent with Tunnel 

tent with crawl tunnel for toddlers

My son loves anything with balls! A ball room with a tunnel is perfect for all toddlers to play and have fun.

Get it Now $29.99 (Amazon)

Kidzlane Play Cleaning Set

play cleaning toddler toy

It is time for your toddler to start sweeping up their own Cheerios with this Kidzlane 6 piece cleaning set. A toy broom, mop, duster are all included and yup, they actually work!! Put your legs up after a long day and put your toddler to work!

Little Tikes Tot Golf Set

Get it Now $26.99 (Target)

Kidzlane Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

toddler vacuum

Get your little one over their fear of the vacuum while also having a blast with this play vacuum set by Kidzlane.

Get it Now $19.99 (Amazon)

fun toys for toddlers

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  1. These are really cute toy ideas! My toddler loves her play cleaning supplies too! At this age, they love to imitate what they see others doing! Saving this for Christmas time!

  2. The Aqua Doodle is a classic and much loved toy!

  3. Hey don’t forget to add tools. My kids love to “fix” things 😀

  4. Oh my gosh, my son would love the play tent/funnel and the sports set! Good list!

  5. These toys look so fun! Love the price point too.

  6. Great ideas, thank you! I actually miss some of these cute toys in our house now that they are older.

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