Cove Home Security – A Hot Mess Review and Exclusive Deal

As a single mom, home security is beyond essential to me. Even though I technically live in a “safe neighborhood”,  actually feeling safe is a whole different story. With a back patio, back door, front door and plenty of windows for bad guys to swoop in, I decided it was officially time to do something! Well, do something more than place legos on the floor by the front door and put Myles’ most irritating talking teddy by the back door.  So it’s safe to say, when Cove Security reached out to me I was sooooooooooooo ready!


About Cove

Cove is a DIY home security system that gives you high-quality security with a catalog of different products. Cove launched in the Spring of 2018 and provides the best world-class security and safety solutions for all income types.  They believe that safety, security, and peace of mind are priceless and I would totally have to agree!

cove diy security system

How it works

Cove security system lets you customize your security depending on your house and level of security to keep the bad guys out. On the website you take a short quiz to figure out your needs and then boom, you are presented with a custom security system.  They have monitors, door alarms, motion sensors, smoke detectors, everything but the kitchen sink, really!


I received door and window alarms, main monitor, motion sensor, a rotating camera, and key remotes.


I started by placing the main monitor on my kitchen counter right next to where I attempt to “cook”. Once it was plugged in, it began guiding me step by step on how to set up each part of the entire system.


Since we know we are talking about meee here, of course, I still managed to screw some stuff up.  But, using both the friendly app and the customer service number I was rocking and rolling again in no time.. well, minus the broken planter on the floor.

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The Highlights

  • Easy to install yourself
  • Affordable $14.99/month
  • High-quality support and monitoring
  • No contracts!
  • Two-way audio
  • Night vision
  • 4x Zoom
  • Text message alerts
  • Lifetime equipment warranty and a 60-day risk-free trial.

The not so good stuff

  • The app is laggy but still better than many
  • If you don’t set up the sensors correctly they will be too sensitive. Trust me, not fun for anyone.. especially your dog 🙂

Cove security system

Let’s Wrap This Up

This DIY security system seems to have it all like the big guys like ADT but half the cost.  Two-way audio, night vision, and zoom all come with the indoor camera. Instead of the camera quality looking as if it is trying to blur out something naughty, it is actually clear and sharp. Everything connects to the main monitor making arming and disarming a breeze. For a DIY security system, Cove makes it super easy for anyone to order, install and manage. They even get bonus points that their customer service is remarkable. Especially for those of us who have Tim the Tool Man Taylor tendencies when putting things together.

 If you are looking for quality security that won’t make you cut back on your daily Starbucks and actually protects your home from burglars, fires, floods, Nickleback music… Cove is the way to go!

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My review is part of a sponsored program with Cove and may contain affiliate links. I received free product in exchange for my thoughts on their products.  However, this post reflects my true personal opinions and my personal opinion only on all products.  Read more in my disclosure policy.

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