The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift and Deal Guide

Father’s are always there to tell the best jokes, grill some mad meat, and blame their smelly farts on the cat.
We love them.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it is that time to find your perfect gifts and oh so sweet deals!  No matter if the man in mind is a jokester, drinker, lover or hiker, this ultimate Father’s Day gift and deal guide has you covered!

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Funny Boxers By Lazyone

lazyone gas station funny boxer

For anyone after a gift to make dad laugh, Lazyone boxers are the way to go. From boxers like “passing wind”  or just a silly adult onesie, Lazyone has a large collection of apparel that is guaranteed to make everyone smile.  They have high-quality PJs, boxers and other family clothes that are perfect for all occasions.
Just ask my son when it comes to my moose onesie! 🙂

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Funny Coffee Mug

This sounds like practically every man I know!

Get it Now $16.99 (Amazon)

Spices from Spice Beast

Spice beast spices meal prep fathers day

For all those dads out there that love cooking, this is the gift they want. Spice Beast has a large range of yummy spices perfect for meats, veggies, grilling or baking.  They are all healthy, delicious and help make meal prepping a breeze.  Some spices even come with 10g of protein to help make even your boring Brussel sprouts killer. The ultimate father’s day spice pack ever!

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Outdoorsy Drinkware


Does your guy camp, love fires, and dreams about the mountains? Give him a cup that represents his love for the outdoors.  Doesn’t matter if he is a coffee or beer guy,  Gowike drinkware collection is the ultimate go to for your manly man’s drinking needs.

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The Ultimate Father’s Day Socks

funny socks bring me beer fathers day gift

I find this hilarious! And this company has plenty of more clever socks just like this to fit any man with his legs up watching the game.

Get it now $5.99 (Amazon)

SweetLF 3D Rechargeable 100% Waterproof IPX7 Electric Shaver

Give Dad that smooth face he is always after by getting this 3d rechargeable waterproof shaver. It can be used both wet or dry and comes with a pop-up trimmer.

Get it now $25.89 (Amazon) 


Happiness Is . . . 200 Things I Love About Dad (Paperback)


I actually really really love this book.  It makes sure dads know they are loved no matter how badly they screwed up the plumbing or made the ultimate grilled cheese.  From the best hugs to a fort built – this book is practically everything is dad.  It is heartwarming with both the big moments and tiny moments that make a dad, a dad. 

Get it now $9.99 (Target)

The Ultimate Father’s Day Balls

For dads who like playing games! My type of dad 🙂

Get it Now $74.99 (Target)

Outdoorsy Hoodies

gowike hoodie campfire fathers day gift

Instead of your man having to wear a sweater that is boring, get him a hoodie that better represents who he is while also looking pretty damn cool. Gowike has unique hoodies for all the adventurous dads out there.
P.S and mommas 🙂

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77qt Centennial Rolling Cooler Green

Get it now $139.99 (Target)

 Dad Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt

Get it now $9.99 (Target)

Daditude : The Joys & Absurdities of Modern Fatherhood – by Chris Erskine (Hardcover)


From Author Chris Erskine, known for his weekly pieces in the LA Times and Chicago Tribune,  this a collection of his personal stories told in a way that holy crap, you can’t help but love.  It is so humorous and touching, it is just as if you are sitting at that awkward family dinner table with him. Seriously, just buy it and thank me later!! 🙂 The ultimate fathers day book for sure!

Get it now $12.88 (Target)

The Ultimate Father’s Day Whiskey Cabinet

Get it now $220.00 (Amazon)

Men’s Star WarsGraphic T-Shirt

Get it now $12.99 (Target)

Good Day, Bad Day – Funny 11 oz Rocks Glass


Get it Now $15.99 (Amazon)

Bob Ross Turn Mistakes Into Birds Graphic T-Shirt

This is the ultimate gift for father’s day if this father in mind even understands how awesome this is 🙂

 Get it now 12.99 (Target)

Your Father’s Story Lined Journal

Get it Now $7.99 (Target)

Funny 16 oz Pint Glass

Get it Now $12.99 (Amazon)

Dog Dad Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt

Can’t forget about the dog dads!! 🙂

Get it now $9.99 (Target)

First Fathers day shirt personalized

For the new dads!

Get it Now $18.99 (Amazon)

Day Ultimate Father’s Day Grandpa Shirt

Get it now $12.99 (Target)

Beavis & Butt-Head: The Complete Collection (DVD)

Yup.. we all know a dad that would love this!

Get it now $26.99 (Target)


Men’s 2pk Father’s Day Crew Socks

Get it now $ 6.99 (Target)

 Out Of This World Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt

Get it now $12.99 (Target)

BenShot Bullet Rocks Glass with Real 0.308 Bullet

 Get it Now $19.99 (Amazon) 


  Dad and Baby Matching Shirts

Get it now $39.99 (Amazon)

Authentic Kentucky Bourbon/Whiskey Barrel

For those cool dads with a man cave! Omg so ultimate.

Get it now $259.99 (Amazon)

Top Ultimate Father’s Day Card Picks!super funny fathers day gift card

mr fix it ultimate fathers day card

 fathers day card

I hope you found something good or at least some inspiration! 🙂

<3 Hot Mess

I survived my first year of motherhood (2)


  1. These are definitely awesome Gift Ideas for all types of dads! I love the Beavis and Butthead DVD selection and “I am Your Father”, gave me a chuckle!

  2. I really like a lot of these ideas! Especially the rocks glass for my husband and the bocce ball set for my dad. Thank you for sharing!

  3. These are some awesome ideas! Seriously thinking about getting the bullet glass for my dad!

  4. Love this list! There’s so many Father’s Day gift ideas for nearly every type of father. It’s overwhelming sometimes seeing these lists because every dad is different and not all are golfers or grillers! This is a great mix of gift ideas.

  5. Thank you for putting this together! Birthdays and Christmas I have no problem with but always get stumped for fathers day!

  6. Such great and hilarious ideas! I love the dad and baby matching shirts!

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