Meal Planning with PlateJoy – A Hot Mess Review and Exclusive Deal

As a busy single mom, I am always trying to be mindful of the food I eat and what I prepare for my 18-month-old son. Though I know how to meal plan, these days I just don’t have the energy from chasing my crazy toddler around all day. So when the opportunity to partner up with PlateJoy came around,  I was more than ready to have them help me with my food planning needs.


PlateJoy works for all lifestyles and considers practically everything when creating your plan.  From allergies to weight loss goals, to sugar cravings to cooking time. They are here to make meal planning easy, affordable and yummy. There’s a membership cost that comes out to $8-12/month, depending on the plan you choose. The membership does not include food, but it will help reduce food waste and save money for all of those who are addicted to takeout!


Getting started with PlateJoy is super easssyyy. All you need to do is answer an in-depth questionnaire about your goals and food preferences in order for them to meet your goals.


After you are done with the questionnaire, BOOM! Your custom meal plan is there for you to check out and get to cooking! What happens if you do not like one of their choices? That’s okay, they have a swap option with every result allowing you to make sure you actually want to eat the meals. They also have your shopping list picked out and ready to go, and the Instacart App ready to put it all in motion by delivering the ingredients to you.

My results

For the questionnaire, I put in my low carb lifestyle needs and the fact I do not have much time to whip up a 5-course dinner.  I also mentioned I like a variety of foods, have nothing I need to avoid and that I am looking to try new things.

As you can see from the above they gave me some really delicious and creative meal ideas. Brussel sprouts?? Butter Tofu?? This might not sound very delicious to you but I love all of that!! They nailed it with my needs on why I wanted to use PlateJoy. These were not your typical meal suggestions that you alway see on the internet which I found very refreshing.


The good stuff

  • PlateJoy is an easy tool to help make meal planning easy and yummy.
  • The app lets you figure out your meals on the go (which I love).
  • They set you up with Instacart to help you follow through getting the ingredients.
  • PlateJoy can customize meal choices no matter what type of lifestyle you lead.

The not so good stuff

  • Well the obvious one, PlateJoy costs money.
  • Even though they let you adjust your own budget, some meal might be a bit more than you want to spend.

Overall meal planning with PlateJoy is pretty awesome! They give you options with food, budget, and everything else to make sure it is the perfect plan for you. PlateJoy literally does all the heavy lifting for you by organizing your shopping lists and helping you get them delivered.   Whether you are looking for new meal ideas, trying to lose weight or have no clue how to meal plan, PlateJoy has you covered!

Click here to start your 10-day free trial now.

Also, you can use the code LETSDOTHIS to get $10 dollars off any PlateJoy plan!

<3 Hot Mess

My review is part of a sponsored program with PlateJoy and may contain affiliate links. I received free product in exchange for my thoughts on their products.  However, this post reflects my true personal opinions and my personal opinion only on all products.  Read more in my disclosure policy.



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