10 Ways to Soul Search in Bali

The beautiful Indonesian island of Bali is known for adventures of many sorts, depending on what side of the world you live on.  If coming from Australia, you are most likely there for the beer bong drinking till 6am and puking till 5pm experience.  If coming from America, you tend to be more on the soul-searching self-exploration train, instead of that wet T-shirt contest.


As an American who was living down under at the time of my trip, of course, I lived the best of both worlds.  But what was more rememberable? Everything I picked to recap today. So here are:


10 Ways to soul search in Bali:


Animal Sanctuaries

Monkeys at Monkey Temple Bali

One thing Bali is not short of is heartwarming animal sanctuaries. As an island covered in jungle, you can imagine they have a wide range of furry friends to visit. The Monkey Forest in Ubud is one of the more popular, as you get the chance to be surrounded by these guys, while also seeing the Balinese jungle and local temples. Not only does it feed your soul, but you literally feed the monkeys their banana soul food as well!



Balinese food

Even though I know you would try to convince me a cheeseburger feeds your soul, it doesn’t unless your soul is called high cholesterol.  Bali is covered with restaurants and stops to grab a bite, but it is the places that really connect you with the culture that should be embraced. Ordering a burger or pizza can be done in your home or through a McDonalds drive through. Eating the local cuisine like at Teba Sari, which is made with the heart and soul of the country will be more satisfying than McNugget.  Check out these must-do  Restaurants in Bali.


Sunrise Hike

Sunrise in Bali

Bali is covered with remarkable hiking locations. From the beachside to the mountainside, you can have a fabulous view of the island while also burning off some of those delightful noodles you have been eating all day. Many places offer hike tours that let you witness the Balinese sunrise for the ultimate breathtaking experience that totally feeds your soul!


Butterfly from Butterfly garden in Bali

If there is one insect that makes you remember how stunning nature is, it would be, of course, the cockroach. Noooo… I mean, butterfly! Bali is home to a lovely butterfly park that allows you to be immersed in the colorful world of butterflies. There is something very zen-like being surrounded by these unique creatures flying all around you. You get the chance to witness first hand why butterflies are a symbol for the soul in many different cultures.



yoga barn Bali

Whether you do hot yoga, cold yoga or freakin goat yoga,  Bali is the ultimate destination for it. Not only are you centered in the middle of paradise like at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, but powerful yoga teachers come from all over the world to lead you through this transformational meditation. Nothing feeds your soul like some powerful Yoga!



Wood Work in Bali sculpting

I am sure woodwork is not the first thing that comes to mind when on holiday, but in Bali, it should! There you can carve a mask or statue while being taught by a local elder who has been doing this for 40 years. You get served tea and local treats while you are chipping away. Oh yeah, and did I mention the teacher does most of the work with his feet?


Cat Poop Coffee

Luwak Coffee Poop Cat poop coffee Bali

If you are anything like me, nothing feeds your soul in the morning more than a warm cup of joe! In Bali, you can experience an exclusive type of coffee. Coffee that is made from… wait for it… poop!  Luwak coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world and is produced by the poop of the civet cat. Cool right?! You can walk through the plantation, meet the cats, and taste this wonderful drink that your soul will never forget. Feed your soul in Bali by treating your tummy to some yummy coffee 🙂



Temple on the ocean bali

Bali is home to some of the most fascinatingly unique temples and shrines. With over 10,000 to choose from, you can embrace their traditions by viewing dwelling and sculpture as you have never seen before. Your soul can’t help but be fed as you walk through these spectacular isolated dwellings.

Cooking Class

Image result for cooking class bali

Besides eating native food at restaurants, what’s better than actually making it yourself. Taking a Balinese cooking class will not only feed your tummy but leave you with the skills to go back home and feed your loved ones.  You can finally change tuna casserole as your specialty dish to something a bit more… you know, just NOT tuna casserole?


Rice Terraces

Image result for rice terrace bali

To get a unique insight into the native way of life, you need to visit one of the many rice terraces that are all over the island.  See firsthand how these terraces help fuel their day of life while tasting some ricey treats! Not only are the sites stunning, but it really gives you a whole new kind of respect for rice and all of those who play a part in getting it on to our tables.



kids in bali

Just like many places you will visit in SEA, Bali has many orphanages that depend on donations and support from others. You can visit places such as the Jodie O’Shea House and play with the children or take them shopping for groceries. Though everything on this list does feed your soul, nothing makes it feel better than giving back to children in need.


To check out more things to do in Bali, start here for my three-part adventure that almost got ruined by a volcano!!

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