To my Son on His First Birthday


Myles, you are turning one year old today and there is just so much I want to tell you. But since you are only one and currently enjoy putting my keys and phone in your mouth, I decided to write you this note.


I know the universe put you in my life for a reason, regardless of the challenges ahead.


You are turning one today and that also means so am I.  I have been a mother for one whole year, keeping you alive, happy and healthy. That is much more than I can say for any plant I have ever owned.


I made a promise to you the day I met you that for the rest of your life I will do anything and everything to make you happy. Protect, support, and of course, love you.


I don’t care if you end up liking soccer or ballet.


I don’t care if you end up loving girls or guys.


I am here to love you, always.


I will even learn how football works and not just stare at the player’s butts.


I will stay awake through your baseball games, even though baseball is literally the most boring thing in the world.


There is only one of me, and I will do everything humanly possible to be both your mom and your dad.


I am so sorry your father chose to not be around, but I am thankful you are still too young to realize it right now.


But I promise you that you are loved by devoted hearts all over the world. My chosen Australian family thinks about you daily, and the amount of love you have from everyone here is indescribable.


You will never fully understand how much joy and love you bring to everyone’s life.


 I am looking forward to teaching you about life. The importance of family, culture, travel, and of course, bacon.


To teach you manners, love, music, respect, and kindness.


I want you to have your own opinions and beliefs, even if they are not like mine.


I just want you to know you can always be you and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Thank you for bringing meaning to my life.

Happy 1st Birthday, my beautiful son.



  1. Such a sweet tribute to Myles! He is such a fun and sweet boy.

    1. right!!?!?!?! 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂

  2. Just lovely. Such a beautiful tribute! All momming is oops-based so you’ve got this! xo

  3. Beautiful letter! Your son is lucky to have such a loving mother ❤️

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