Quickie in SEA: 2nd Stop- Langkawi 

Welcome back to my SEA Adventure!

After spending a couple days checking out the sights and sounds of my first stop in Singapore (read about it here) it was time for some real relaxation. Not relaxation like 5 star hotel. I have no money remember? But relaxation as in let me just chill on the beach, lay in a hammock and ahhhhhh, relax.

So how about Langkawi! No no, that is not a type of noodle. Langkawi is a small island off the west coast of Malaysia and also the  lucky destination for the next 3 days of my excursion.


Once I landed in Langkawi, it was a short 20 minute drive to the hostel where my adventure began. Tubotel was located on its own little section of land on the water, secluded yet close to everything.  As I walked in I could hear loud ambient music playing, backpackers chilling in hammocks and love birds cuddled up on the outdoor lounges.  This by far the coolest hostel I have ever seen.

They put me in a freshly painted room all by myself. Probably just finished the painting job 10 minutes ago, fresh. Oh the fumes! The glorious fumes. It was as if they signed me up for a complimentary “get high alone” welcoming gift.

After 10 minutes it didn’t bother me so much.
Neither did the unicorns that playing poker right next to me.

 Pantai Cengang Beach

After a 20 minute walk along the beach, passing luxury resort after resort on the left, and the beautiful sunset on the right, I finally reached the main hot spot. There were beach front bars, restaurants and little shacks filled with holidayers having a good time. I stopped at one of the beach front bars for a drink and to admire the sun setting behind the clouds. I looked around my seat and notice that I was completely surrounded by lovey dovey couples. Honestly, it was like some type of CIA covert mission to take down the American chick and drop her into a puddle of loneliness.

Mission complete. Bastards!!

This was probably the first time on my trip so far I felt like I wanted some company. So I did what any other normal person would do and opened up the app created by the devil himself,   Tinder.  Right away I matched with a very attractive British guy who taught English in KL and was on a little weekend get away. We started chatting and  established that we would try to get together the next day because he was, and I quote”totally turnt right now” and needed to sober up. Such a charmer right!?

I finished my drink and continued on my exploration down the beach. I reached a little hut where some locals were yelling at me to come on in! 5 Malay locals and myself sat there bullshitting about everything. They kept going on  and on about how much they loved weed and how much they really just like to chill. Yup, I already got that from the love of the weed smoking haha. They also mentioned how it is very very rare to see Americans here and that they really loved us.  ERRRRR come again? Now that is something you do not hear very often. It could have been the weed talking, but it did make me feel better knowing it was USA loving island.

Langkawi Cab Cars


My new lovely roomie from Scotland and myself  headed out that next morning to the Skycab,  one of the steepest cable cars in the world.

 Just what an acrophobic like myself is jumping for joy to do! Whoo hoo 🙁

When we arrived, the only way to describe this place was a zoo. People everywhere and long lines at every corner. Because waiting in lines for 2 hours just thinking about what I am about to do was a great way to calm me down?!  Due to the selfish family in front of us,  I was forced to sit in the car backwards, backwards!!! So I am now going up up and up in reverse, in a tiny glass cable car, dangling billions of miles over the ground.

After a minute or two, my fear of small spaces started kicking in.  I couldn’t see where we were going, or how much further we had to go up, I just knew the end could not come fast enough. I just sat with my head down between my legs praying to baby surfer Jesus that this would soon be over.I saw a sign that said Austrian engineered underneath my seat and thought.. okay..Austria is next to Germany..those Germans makes some good cars..  I like that one vacuum…and their gummy bears are delicious…..

Okay! I feel safe:)

 We finally reached the top, or so I thought. But nope, it was only the first stop! CRAP. After I got off to kiss the ground and hug everyone around me, I finally was able to actually open my eyes and look at where we were.  It was gorgeous! We had a 360 view of the island and it could have not been more stunning.  Before getting back in the death cab I bought some ice cream to distract me for the remainder of the ride. It totally worked, but even more so did the crying screaming baby that sat next me…

After we were done experiencing death straight in it’s face,  I received a message from my new Tinder dude. Seeming to be even more drunk than the night before (this guy was a on a role) he invited me to the restaurant he would be at with his friends a bit later in the evening.

I arrive at the restaurant and started getting into the “let’s have a good time” mood. My Roomie and I ordered some drinks and waited … and waited… and waited.. and then, wait for it…… that’s right. This guy never showed!  So apparently using Tinder in a different countries still produces the same results?

Crap crap crappity crap crap!

We left the restaurant and headed to a different bar to mingle and relax by the beach.  And boy or boy did we meet a bunch of characters! We made a lovely little dog friend that kept digging next to us as if it was trying to dig a whole to china. We started talking to a very attractive man who established he was a pirate and lived on his boat. And we also met someone who said he was a Nigerian prince and wanted to show us around. Lucky us!  We probably met everyone on that beach that night, except Tinder boy.  Probably for the best.

Scorned  Michelle after 5 margaritas is feisty – and not in a good way!

Final day

On our last day, it was nothing but pouring rain. We were able to take advantage of a little clear sky block and headed to the port for some pictures, food, and a taste of real Malay life.. Muslim temples, Muslim shops and Muslim restaurants were everywhere.

We stopped to eat a few times to try and experience as much authentic food as possible.  We ate a mixture of Thai and Malay dishes, fresh seafood and some nice curries. Malaysian food has a great mix of spices from all over Asia, starting a party in your mouth with every bit. Rumor on the streets was that the rice dishes get very jealous when you order the noodles dishes, so I ordered a few of each to ensure I didn’t play favorites 🙂

I woke up that final morning experiencing the best cure for a hangover. What is it you ask? Well, apparently if you wake up with a fever and ear pain so intense a hangover feels like a pinch in comparison.   It didn’t take a genius to realize I had an ear infection. But it did take genius to force me to do something about it. Sadly there was none around so I ignored it like an idiot.

My trip to Langkawi in a nutshell can be described in one word – very chill – oh sorry two. I needed two!

The island just screams tranquility and the fact it rained 90 percent of the time helped add that extra soothing element.  A lot of my time was spent unwinding on a beanbag, a hammock or a day bed while listening to the rain and admiring the island.

Everyone on the island was so nice and friendly, making the experience refreshing and gratifying.


3 days of relaxation was exactly what I needed before my next 2 stops. Becuase what was coming next up I knew was going to be nothing short of pure chaos.

Next up…Bangkok, Thailand!



  1. Haha my coworker uses tinder here in Singapore with the same results too! Also it’s a big cultural adaptation, getting used to being cut off “rudely” (to my polite Canadian brain) everywhere!

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