The Prince is Coming!!! The Prince is Coming!! – Royals, Lockouts, and Easter Abroad

“How many have you had to drink mate?” – Bouncer

“None  mate,  I don’t drink” – Guy trying to enter pub

“Sorry, you are too drunk, you cannot come in” – Bouncer

“Ummmm wtf? Is this real lifeee???????” – Me

 Lock Out and Door Nazis

To help reduce alcohol related violence, Sydney has enforced lockout laws that make people have to leave the bar at a particular time and will not be able to re-enter. It is quite confusing for me still, as each bar seems to make up their own lockout times and it depends on what day of the week it is. From what I learned, during the week the lockout times are later than the weekend. This is because during the weekend they expect a much larger turnout, and assume there will be more opportunity for violence. During the week with a less expected turnout, they will allow people to stay out longer assuming the chances of violence are less. They also do not sell alcohol past 10 pm.  It’s hilarious some nights. I see so many people in line at the liquor store come 9:45, it looks as if a zombie apocalypse was about to start.

In addition,  pubs and clubs also will not let you in if you at all appear to be drunk.. like all!!!! I stood there as the bouncer of the pub was just rejecting one person after another for saying they looked too drunk. A few even said they weren’t drinking, yet still got a BIG NO. They would ask each person how many drinks they have had. Honestly, it made no sense. If they were stumbling, YES. If they looked like they were a second from puking meat pies everywhere, YES.  If their speech was slurred worse than John Travotta’s at the Oscars, YES. Then I would get it!!! But none of the applied. And as each person was rejected the bouncer was talking to his ear telling the bouncer on the other side of the bar a description of each person he said no to, to ensure they didn’t try sneaking in. They are Nazi..door Nazis.

To read more about the lockout laws click here



I went outside the hostel to go on my normal daily beach run when I was stopped due to the road being shut down and massive MASSIVE crowds. I thought to myself  “Mannn, I know my blog was getting bigger, but geez I am not that cool Australia!!” As it turned out, the crowds

As it turned out, the crowds weren’t for me (darn) but instead for a couple of people that  I  suppose are a bit more important. The British royals were making an appearance in Manly, and it just happened to be conveniently located in front of my hostel. I walked over to see what all the fuss was about when I quickly became barricaded by people. So now I was stuck and forced to wait for their arrival before I could move again. Smashed, with many people around me who obviously were ignorant on the concept of wearing deodorant, I waited a good 80 minutes before the screams began.

I seriously suck so badly at taking videos I should really just like…. stop. 

But here is one I took, I accidentally erased the good one grrrrr

So after a waiting and waiting.

I finally saw the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The prince was just how I pictured him..

Whoops! Wrong prince…

Lets try this again..sorry..

Here you go…

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

I personally have never been ” into” the royals like many Americans are. I  maybe had a crush on William around the time of the Princesses death when I was a kid, oh and then,  there was that time I was in Las Vegas at the same time and place as good old  Prince Harry when he made his famous naked appearance at the Wynn.  Even though they do not influence my life directly, I was still happy and honored that I was able to see them. Definitively a once in a lifetime experience in my eyes.


Australia Guy Update


Ohhh.. that would be nice now wouldn’t it 🙂 Sadly it is much more likely for me to go an entire post without a typo (which is unheard of) than to get swept off my feet #truestory.

I have been here 3 weeks and have not really had many run-ins with Aussie boys. Still most of the guys I have been meeting are from other countries as they seem to be the friendly ones. I am not finding the Aussies very ermmm… approachable? Every cute Aussie guy I see seems to have a big ole chip on his shoulder, and frankly, not quite the friendliest compared to most of the other guys.  One guy from the hostel that I actually was fancying a bit even though a  bit too young for me, ended u being gay. I had no freakin idea. No wonder why I liked him! The one guy who is NOT trying to get in my pants. Such a Michelle thing to do……



You remember that one boy that kissed me and then asked for my number that first week??? well… wait for it… wait for it.. he never called!!!!! Which is find quite funny cause it was alllll him! Maybe it was my personality? He should have just told me, I have like.. 25 other ones he could have chosen from! The other day I was at the store and finally found some root beer (not common here). Back when we met, we spent half of our conversation talking about root beer cause he had no idea what it was and so intrigued.  So a bit

The other day I was at the store and finally found some root beer (not common here). Back when we met, we spent half of our conversation talking about root beer cause he had no idea what it was and so intrigued.  So a bit ummm bitter from never hearing from him, and excited I finally found root beer after weeks of searching,  I decided to buy this “root beer”,  get all cute (actually comb my hair and put heels on) and show up at his work. So I walked in, slide the bottle or root beer down the bar (totally cool like) then simply say, “Rootbeer!” gave him a wink and a smile and walked off without a chance of him even responding. Not gonna lie..this might of been one of the coolest things I’ve ever pulled off. He instantly texts me saying hey Darling, let’s hang out tonight and some other crap. I simply just didn’t respond. I didn’t put up with stupid guy bullshit back at home,   I am for sure as hell not putting up with it here.

On that note, It may be a good idea for me to start looking for a new beer joint 🙂

Easter Far Far Away

Easter Sunday began with myself hiding chocolates inside all my roomie’s beds. In hope that the cockroaches were not huge fans of Jesus, I could only just wish the guys would wake up to find the chocolates before the roaches do.  I found myself trying to fill the void of missing my family by eating and drinking and keeping busy all day long!

 I found myself trying to fill the void of missing my family by eating and drinking and keeping busy all day long! I am pretty sure I had about 10 breakfast meals before 11 am even hit.



First and foremost let me announce that I finally found DELICIOUS Egg Benedict!! (still a bit scarred from the last place though, but time heals all) . It was with salmon and it was yummy! I don’t think I can ever order it a different way now. I  Recommend Manly Grill for their Bennys and a mimosa any day.


Well, after my 26th breakfast of the day, I decided to go somewhere else for an ocean front mimosa. I love those bubbly things, they remind me of being back in Newport Beach and everyone loves a little champagne buzz on Easter, EVEN JESUS! I walked up and sat on the ocean front patio at the Sugar Lounge.   I sat next to this awesome gay couple from New Zealand and we spent the next hour chatting about life, making fun of MC Hammer pants, and people watching.  They are a great example of why I am never afraid to go out alone.

A simple hello can lead you anywhere…

After they took off, I went to the local brewery, 4 Pines, for a beer. An Aussie couple that had been cycling all morning sat next to me and we chatted for a good hour about my experiences in Australia thus far. They found me really funny, not sure if its cause of the beer they were drinking or if part of one of my breakfast’s’ were stuck in my teeth but we spent the next hour just laughing our butts off. Best ab workout I have had in a while.

From there,  I then headed over to the Wharf Bar to continue my Easter activities. I looked for a group of guys that didn’t seem to be too douchy and sat next to them. I made a great call! I sat next to 3 Aussie guys, where  I complained to them about… well ABOUT THEM! And they just sat there laughing and even agreeing with me on most of my observations.  I got up to go to the bathroom, to only then be escorted out when I got out of the bathroom.

IT MADE NO SENSE!!! I was now a victim of the door Nazis!!! I was not even drunk! I mean, trust me, once I am too drunk you will know! I did not get my nickname “Hot Mess” by going into a bar shyly and ordering a salad.

I decided to head back to the hostel after my “Battle at the Wharf Bar” to see what everyone was up to. It was now around 4pm and I came back to find them playing drinking games. No way! 😉  I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my hostel family, dancing and playing games.

Overall Easter was….nice. Really Really nice.  I spent the whole day engaging with strangers and learning about other people. It was refreshing and I felt more connected to the world running around the town alone and learning about the place more than I could have otherwise. Being out of your comfort zone really pushes you to embrace new aspects of life.  I have only been in OZ for 3 weeks, but I can already tell you something about the texture of my life has changed.  I cannot really describe it any other way yet, but I love it and have never felt more alive.

Michelle <3



  1. I think I have such a drunk face because I get refused into bars often. They are so strict it’s crazy!

    1. haha Yes they are! Make friends with the people at the door, its the only way! 🙂

  2. When I saw the royals were in Manley I immediately thought of you in Manley.
    Still not understanding the pub rules kind of crazy.

  3. Your blog is so cool (the title is hilarious). I haven’t been to Sydney yet but most likely will get out there when I move! How long will you be out there for? Australia is AMAZING! 🙂

    1. P.S. Duh, it’s so incredible that you got to see the Royals! I missed them in both NZ and AUS, haha… but I guess I didn’t have to deal with any traffic. Hooray for SoCal girls traveling the Southern Hemisphere 🙂

      1. Hi!!! Thank you 🙂 And hoorayyyyy indeed!!!! 🙂

  4. Reading your blog makes me miss home a little! (I’m from the Hunter Valley/Newcastle, currently living in Toronto, Canada)

  5. Should have wandered back to 4 pines… The guys/gals that work there are a little more clued as to who’s drunk or not. Great beers too! 🙂

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