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Getting Ready to Travel? 11 Things you Must Consider Before Picking Your Travel Buddies!

Editors Note: This post was originally published on (11/09/16) and updated on (1/3/19) When it comes to travelling, the possibilities of things going wrong are endless. Losing luggage, food poisoning, missing your flight.. But nothing is worse than having to spend every Read More

Quickie in SEA: 3rd Stop – Bangkok

Welcome back to my 3rd stop on my SEA Adventure! Missed the first stop? Singapore Missed the second stop? Langkawi? Well my journey continues with a 7 hour layover in Kuala Lumpur before arriving in banging Bangkok. I was in so much Read More

Quickie in SEA: 2nd Stop- Langkawi 

Welcome back to my SEA Adventure! After spending a couple days checking out the sights and sounds of my first stop in Singapore (read about it here) it was time for some real relaxation. Not relaxation like 5 star hotel. I Read More

Quickie in SEA: 1st Stop – Singapore

Okay so, what is one to do when they have 2 months before they begin their new job, are bored and broke out of their MIND, and just sitting at home counting crumbs on the carpet? Vacuum? ehhh try again. Go Read More

My Recipe for Turning 30: The Unforgettable Balinese Adventure – Part 3

Welcome to part 3 where my recipe for turning 30 is finally complete. If you missed part 1, please read here  and if you missed part 2, please click here. Now for the final ingredients… The Feel Good (2 Splashes) Spa Read More

My Recipe for Turning 30: The Unforgettable Balinese Adventure – Part 2

If you have not read the prelude,  please do so now My Recipe for Turning 30: The Unforgettable Balinese Adventure – The Prelude For those who have… please continue to Part 1 of 3 🙂 The Balinese culture strongly revolves around balance. Read More

Adventures in New Zealand – My 4 Day Auckland Quickie

From the very first day I arrived in Australia….all I have heard is:  “YOU HAVE TO GET YOUR BUTT TO NEW ZEALAND!!!!!” Thinking it was odd people were already trying to send me off to another country upon arrival, a trip over there was something Read More

The Story of the Pistachio: Chapter 2 – The Bearded Man

It has been 3 months now since I wrote my pistachio story, and I am more than pleased with the amount of positive response it produced from so many different types of “Pistachios.”  I received almost 200 private emails from readers Read More

The Holidays: Christmas in Fiji & Wrapping up 2014

Christmas away from home..  My insides scream NO. NO. NO. NO. NO!!! When it comes to the holidays, I have always spent every year, all 23 years of my life (+6),  where I should be – at home with my family. Read More

48 Hours in the Gold Coast

What happens when you put a girl from southern California into weeks of non-stop rain, on her last weekend break from school, and dealing with a stressful job?  A spontaneous, last minute, and a very EXPENSE trip to the Gold Read More

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