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An American Down Under: 8 Reasons Living Abroad During the 2016 Presidential Election Sucked!

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Quickie in SEA: 3rd Stop – Bangkok

8 Tricks to Make Your Boring Date Interesting

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Getting Ready to Travel??? 11 Things you Must Consider Before Picking Your Travel Buddies!

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My Recipe for Turning 30: The Unforgettable Balinese Adventure – Part 3

My Recipe for Turning 30: The Unforgettable Balinese Adventure – Part 2

Turning 30: An Unforgettable Balinese Adventure – The Prelude

Adventures in New Zealand – My 4 Day Auckland Quickie

Preparing for your First Trip Home After Moving Abroad- 10 Ways on How to deal with the Unexpected Struggles

The story of the Pistachio: Chapter 2 – The Bearded Man 

Highlights of my First Aussie Summer: Concerts, Boys, Boats, Beaches.. oh My!

The Unattainable Girl: The Story of the Pistachio

An American Down Under: 20 Ways Your Life Changes When You Move to Australia

The Holidays: Christmas in Fiji & Wrapping up 2014

Thanksgiving Abroad,  Stereosonic Music Festival, and the Worlds Largest Train Speed Date

The Blue Mountains, Melbourne Cup Day, and Life Back in Bondi Beach

Making Friends Living Abroad: The Problems, The Struggles, and my (Attempted) Solutions

48 Hours in the Gold Coast

Top 10 Things I Miss About California

My Birthday Abroad-  Cruising the Sydney Harbor with a Christian Stripper

My Weekend in Victoria – Lost Family, Horny Penguins, and a Day in the City

First day of work, State of Origin, and Dating on Tinder

A Day at the Races, Treasure Hunting, The Sleepy Zoo, and Vivid Sydney

Trouble with Tim Tams, The Pyrmont Wine Festival, and Sushi Train..Wrecks

Cinco De Mayo in OZ, Gumtree and My First Australian Date

One Month Complete! New Flat, New Flab and Can I Get a  New Foot?

The Prince is Coming!!! The Prince is Coming!! – Royals, Lockouts, and Easter Abroad

HOSTEL LIFE – Random Adventures and JUST SAY NO TO THE GOON!!!!!

Madly in Love with Manly –  Cultural Acceptance, Shelly Beach, and My First Australian Kiss

Weekend Round Up –  Coastal Beach Walk, Julian Wilson, BBQ Sauce, and Loud Americans

THE ARRIVAL- Kangaroo Pizza,  Hit By a Car,  Locked in a Shower, oh and by the way, WHERE IN THE HECK ARE ALL THE AUSTRALIANS?

The Art of Saying Goodbye

Parting Ways with my Possessions: “Memory is the Diary we all Carry About With Us” 

T Minus 11 Days till OZ – Hot Mess Moves Back Home

Online Dating Sites: Entertaining and Resourceful When Moving!?! Get out of Here!!

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