10 Struggles Girls Face When Dating Australian Men


Dating Australian men and trying to impress Australian men takes some research or looking within. What comes to mind when you think of an Australian man? Dreamy blue eyes? Bronze silky skin? Luscious blond hair? Perhaps the accent of an Angel? Yes, I can confirm,  Australian men are just as beautiful as they sound yet I can confirm the struggles for girls when trying to date Australian men

With a combination of both my personal experiences from living in Australia and those of the women around me…

These are the top struggles girls faces when trying to date Australian men:

 Always Second When Dating Australian Men

Aussie surf board

You might be the most perfect, loving, “make your man sandwiches every day with extra bacon” type gal, but there will always be someone they will put before you. They even go to see her the second they wake up in the morning and for some hardcore Aussies, even late in the night. Their hearts belong to those beautiful waves that give them the chance to be one with the ocean.  I am sure they like you, I am sure you are tops. But the ocean comes first, then you… eh, or sports.  It’s debatable.

Australians Are Traveling Addicts

travel supplies, travel

Aussie guys love to travel. And I mean LOOOOVE to travel. Which I have always found to be a very sexy trait. Traveling makes us more worldly and open-minded but when it comes to trying to date someone, it is utterly annoying!! Many Aussies travel for months at a time, and frankly, you are lucky if they even come back. Often when I try dating an Aussie, by the second date he will already be off in London, Mexico or Budapest. Doesn’t really matter where he’s at!  All I know is by the time they come back… well, crap!
What was your name again?

Australian Girls Are Gorgeous

beautiful Australian girls

Aussie girls. Seriously. It is disgusting how stunning they are. Oh, and on top of that, they are always literally in every direction you look.  I will go out on Saturday night feeling like I’m looking pretty good just to walk into the bar and, seriooooousllyyyy?!!? Welp! Back home it is for some Netflix and Cheese.  When dating Australian men, there is just no competing with all these babealicious girls running around this country.  Well, unless you can catch a guy alone and drunk.  Very drunk.

Australian Men are Boozers

Australian guy drunk

Too many times to count, have I showed up to meet my date and he is already three sheets to the wind! Alcohol is very social here, making it common for Aussie guys to go for drinks with coworkers after work oorrrrr, have a liquid lunch. So the odds of him being well oiled by the time you even know his name is just like his blood alcohol content, very high. I am all about having a few drinks on a date, but nothing is sexy about someone already barking at the moon before I arrive.

It’s a Struggle When They Know They are Sexy

sexy Australian man on a rock

I am pretty sure all this talk of their dreaminess is not at all going to their heads. How do I know?  Because I know they already know!!!! Trust me they knowwww. And since they are aware, the lack of effort these guys put into dating or making a commitment is seriously pathetic. They know they do not even need to try, and that is the problem. Dating Australian men and trying to plan a night out or even just suggest where to meet is too much to ask.  Have a door opened for you or have them get the bill?
HA, now we are talking crazy talk.

Australian Men Love Their Motorbikes

Australian men on a motor bike

This was something that came as a surprise to me when I first started dating here. The majority of Aussie guys don’t drive cars?! No no. Instead, they ride a motorbike. Their precious, “I need to talk about it every five seconds,” motorbike.  Dating a guy with a motorbike is hard because they are always off riding and harder to get a hold of.  I once made reservations at a 5-star restaurant for him to show up in freaking jeans and boogers on his face!

Sports and Australian Men -Struggle!!

Australian men watching sports

Dating Australian men on a night that a match is on is a joke.  Like most men anywhere, Aussie’s love their sports, and going to a live event or watching it at the pub with mates often takes first priority.  Who am I kidding, it ALWAYS takes first priority. Doesn’t matter if he says it is AFL, BBL, NRL, or AL,  I think OMG, FML!  They will cancel any plans they might have accidentally made on game night to ensure they are a part of the craziness. If you are lucky you will get a very becoming drunk call after to meet up.

Struggle to Date Australian Men When Out-Numbered


Not only is there a surplus of smoking hot ladies here, on top of that there is an extreme scarcity of single men.  So what is the result of this economic dating crisis you ask? Guys will just go from one girl to the next one.  It is safe to say Aussie guys are not too big on commitment. You can totally be his Thursday night, but just know he probably already has a Friday, Saturday and Sunday night as well.
Want to know why? Because they can!

Well, there you have it! Some interesting struggles we face trying to date Australian men.

Regardless of the struggles, I still love my Aussie Guys! <3

Have any additional struggles to add?

<3 Hot Mess

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      1. I’m an Aussie and not at all attracted to Aussie woman. There are a lot of nice ladies out there but I find the majority pretentious. They’re all addicted to social media and only care about how many instagram likes they have. Online dating is just for them to prop up their egos and they tend to bounce from one relationship to another.
        I actually find American woman sexy. Their values are more old school and their communication skills more refined.
        I’m currently dating a woman from LA and travel back and forth every eight weeks. I’ve never met an Australian woman that ticked multiple boxes at once. She blows my mind and has a good heart with a deep soul.
        There’s no comparison here. American woman all the way.

  1. Approaching the question from the other direction – I was warned before I went to America that folks on that side of the Pacific don’t swear anywhere near as much as their Australian or British cousins. Weird. I mean, Lenny Bruce, Eddie Murphy, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci – especially Joe Pesci. But it was true enough. Even when we were stuck in traffic in LA my American friends wouldn’t utter anything stronger than ‘jackass’.
    Have you had to politely ask any local males to ‘tone it down’? Or should I ask have you have to politely ask MANY local males etc etc?

    1. haha this is all very true! The level of potty mouths here in AU are much higher, but it has never bothered me. The only time it does is with the use of the word cunt. It is used much differently here and much more often then in America. I would slap someone silly for using that word back home, here in Au, I have had to learn to just brush it off πŸ™‚ When it comes to dating,it has not been too much of an issue but could easily be number 11 on this list!

      1. Most – nearly most – of us are sensitive enough to hold back with the c-bombs when a lady is present. I had some laughs in a previous job, doing counter service in a trade outlet. The regulars would eff that and he’s a useless cee all the time. When a ‘civilian’ was on the premises they’d clam right up for fear of dropping an accidental swear.

  2. I’ll be in Australia for a Swinger’s party…I heard that Australian men are the best at you know what. Am I never going to want to leave? Should I pack all my stuff in case I never come back to California πŸ˜„

  3. Aussie men are also terrible in bed. They get their advice from their mates and porn and think that the words bang and pound are all you need to do to please a woman- not that they care about that, they just care about getting a load away. That’s why all of those Aussie babes are on the lookout for foreign men.

  4. You summed it up pretty well except I’m not sure that Aussie guys know that they are so hot… they just don’t have the skills haha! oops, sorry to all my dearest Aussie men (of course you don’t fit into the stereotype!

    1. hahah I love your thoughts on that ! πŸ™‚

  5. Nice post, I sometimes would love to only have such a problem. Smile. Oh well, it is what we have and what we face. I am right facing extreme issues and they take all my integrity, courage and strength. I hope to land some time on the sunny side again.

  6. You totally just nailed all the reasons why I don’t date. Like, anyone! My last significant other was a Yank! He was a hot mess too! Selfish bastard!i look forward to reading more? Cheers,H

    1. haha thanks much! More coming πŸ™‚

  7. I’m an Aussie girl, this was correct. Im sorry but Australian guys are pretty crap haha. They are good for a laugh and that’s about all

  8. You need to get your own motorbike and get those boogers going!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Happy New Year Michelle πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  9. Haha this was so funny! I think the biggest struggle is to not drool over myself whenever they talk. πŸ˜† I love accents.

  10. Haha love this! Aussie women really are stunners!

  11. But the accent! When I was in college a male friend brought an Aussie guy home from college to spend Christmas and new year with his family. Have to admit I had a bit of a crush! The three of us took a fun road trip together and the guys came over to my house on Christmas. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories!

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