Why Online Dating is More Important Than Ever And The Dating Apps You Need to Know About

Dating during Covid…

Where is Ashton Kutcher hiding? Because I am pretty sure anyone who is single this year surely got Punk’d.

As someone who considers herself a professional dater, aka, I have been single for many many moons,  trying to meet someone in this busy world of ours is hard enough without throwing a freaking pandemic into the mix.

Due to COVID, we are advised not to leave the house, and if we do, we all look like we are about to rob the nearest convenience store for a 6 pack of toilet paper and a dime bag of hand sanitizer.

Single or not, it is definitely crazy times these days, and connecting with others, potential friends or lovers, shouldn’t be put on the back burner just because we can’t physically be together.

Love and companionship bring happiness to our lives, and there has never been a better time to embrace it all the safest way, aka no touching,  we can.

 Though while living in Australia I wrote about dating Australian guys, it doesn’t matter what continent or if you are looking for your soul mate, friend mate, or just a mate for the night,

Below are dating apps to consider in order to “meet” someone during this pandemic

Bumble Dating During Covid

bumble dating bee bumble bee

Bumble.. oh Bumble

Bumble is a dating app that gives all the power to the woman. They initiate the conversation, they control the match, the ball is in their court ..which is a reference to some sport I think I heard before.

Though Bumble goes through the same oh so romantic swiping technique like Tinder, when matched, only the girl can message the guy to get the love shack shaking. If she says “what’s up” within 24 hours of the match,  the guy has 24 hours to reply back before the match disappears somewhere in a black hole with all my missing left socks.

 Bumble is a worthy dating app to consider because it is popular. All the cool kids are doing it. The more people using the app equals more matches, which equals more opportunity to say that really cool line you have been practicing in the mirror all week. So regardless of “what you are looking for”  Bumble is a large pond with so so many fish.

To find out more about Bumble click here

Special Hearts

special hearts dating hands holding a family

Special-hearts.com is special when it comes to online dating.  This dating app is designed to connect single parents with special needs kids, to other single parents with special needs kiddos. Special Hearts gives the opportunity for like-minded single parents to connect with each other, making it a safe place to relate, relax, and enjoy a common ground. Messaging, video calling, and full profile visibility are just some of the great features this site has to offer. It is just 10 dollars for 3 months and a portion of your membership fee goes toward the charity of your choice.

Though this dating site might not be relevant to you, spread the word that there is a dating site out there for your single friends with special needs loved ones, to chat, make friends, and ideally hopefully more. Dating during COVID is hard enough for those without special needs kids, Special Hearts really is special.

To find out more about Special-Hearts.com  click here


hinge dating app


Hinge is a dating app like the rest, playing the swiping game with bare minimal profile information. But, buttttttt, Hinge found a way to make the typical dating app intriguing. It displays the norm- age, location, religion, etc, but then it gets fun. Hinge offers thought-provoking questions to answer in your profile in lieu of that long profile essay no one ever reads. What is your greatest fear? Who would you want at your dinner table in 1970? Why are you still wearing denim?

Hinge allows you to get to know someone in a fun, chill way instead of feeling like you are reading someone’s resume. One of the questions is “what would be your last meal”… if they say McDonald’s, clearly you already know your date is crazy. Boom. That one question just saved you 3 dates! Dating during COVID is interesting with Hinge.

To find out more about Hinge click here

Match.com Dating During Covid

match, dating app, dating site

One dating site I think everyone has heard of is Match.com. Match sticks out these days in the online dating universe because you have to actually pay to benefit from the site. There is a free version to sign up for, but you can’t do diddly-squat. No pictures, no messages, why they even have it as an option is a joke.

Some might say having to pay for a dating site these days, now that most sites are free, is a bit desperate. Personally,  as a single mom, I think it’s the other way around. If someone is willing to fork up 40 dollars a month to meet someone online, when free dating sites are suffocating them left and right, they are after the real deal. Not the “I will leave you with the bill”, deal.

To find out more about Match click here


okcupid dating app, online dating, okcupid logo

OkCupid and I have had a very special relationship. It was the first dating site I ever used back in the day and still remains the dating platform I have had the most success with.
(well clearly not that much success)

I love OkCupid because it is all about the real profile. That helps single moms like myself struggle less to rule out bad seeds right away. The full-blown “let me tell you in detail about my minor in college”, profile. You have to answer a bunch of questions about yourself, needs, personality, etc,  and they show the percentage of compatibility with each profile you see.

Recently, they have changed their approach to be competitive in the world of dating apps and now give you the swiping option without reading anything about the person. Boo on you OkCupid. I am not mad, I am just disappointed. Regardless, I recommend checking it out, it has it all, as I have made many friends using the site.

Dating with Tinder During Covid

tinder dating tinder logo dating during covid
Finally, we get to Tinder while dating during Covid.. The word I scream while sitting at the bar after getting stood up.. again. I think most people have a bittersweet relationship with this app.  I have had a handful of friends meet their forever partner on this site, but I have had an ocean full of friends get stood up, ghosted, herpes, stuck in an Uber playing Nickleback.
Tinder is great at what it does best...look at a picture and decide to swipe left or right, depending solely on the question “are they hot enough to sleep with?
Tinder is your go-to for a one night evening of fun, as it was the pioneer of the swipe.
 I would not put Tinder on the top of the list if you are looking for something serious, there are better sites I already mentioned for that.
Butttt I have had many friends that met the one they married meeting on Tinder. So hey, anything can happen!!

 Dating During COVID

  It doesn’t matter which app you use or what you are after these days when it comes to meeting someone new. During COVID, keep dating..Just keep messaging. Try to make an effort to make new connections during this time where we all have been affected by months of quarantine in one way or another. Keep connecting. Video call. Send Messages. Bluetooth your neighbor with pictures of your cat for all it matters. Embrace the human connection we are all so missing out on this year.

Put effort into staying in touch with family, making new connections, exploring a new crush, during this time where we aren’t supposed to touch.

 Online dating has never been and will never be, as significant and necessary in this game of love as it is at this very moment.

<3 Hot Mess

This post was part of a sponsored program with Special Hearts.  I received a small compensation in exchange for my thoughts about their website.  This post reflects only my true personal opinions on their service. 

online dating during covid


  1. Yes definitely love this blog, making new connections and keeping in touch with family through online dating is the new norm nowadays 🙂

  2. I agree about the paying thing. I would be more likely to pay to use a site because I know the people on it are more serious about it!

  3. I remember signing up to match.com when I was 15 and trying out an experiment 😅 never been on a dating app since but there are so many couples who found each other on Tinder

  4. I couldn’t even imagine trying to date right now! Online qould definitely be the way to go to avoid possible contact with Covid. There are so many changes to how we go through what used to be normal life.

  5. Great job explaining the importance of online dating in the midst of this pandemic! My brother met his now wife online a few years ago and they have been so happy!

  6. Online dating is almost the only way to meet new people these days with all the covid restrictions!

  7. This was really interesting. Dating in these times must be such a unique experience.

  8. I love your candid thoughts on each dating app. I had never heard of Special Hearts, and love that there is a site dedicated to parents of children with special needs.

  9. I’m married but my sis is having a hard time dating! I will share this with her. Thank you

  10. During our time in isolation I have thought a lot about my single friends who live alone and what life must be like for them. I never used a dating app but have many friends who do. I also know many couples who met on line.

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