10 Ways You Save Money Being a Work From Home Mom

Being a work from home mom means you pretty much just work your ass off at home all day while everyone else thinks you are painting your nails with a margarita in your hand. I WISH.

Since work from home moms don’t necessarily need to leave the house, here are some ways you save money by working from home.




Sooo what the heck is makeup these days?? Oh, that expensive stuff you used to buy to make yourself look pretty when you used to leave the house? Yeah…as a work from home mom, you don’t really leave the house unless there is a fire, you’re out of milk, or there is a Justin Timberlake spotting. Your mascara now lasts 3 months instead of one, and now you only use that expensive contouring make up on nights your man wants you to look like a Kardashian.


coworkers working people

Remember putting money in for a co-workers birthday, retirement or baby number 6, haha screw all of that.  Working from home saves you from all those pricy co-worker obligations. You no longer have to put in your only spare 10 dollars in for Karen’s retirement when the cup gets passed around. No no,  now you can use that money for something worthwhile like your favorite go-to wine to help make sure you don’t lose your shit.

Sorry Karen, we never really liked you anyway.


Tan Body

tan girl in bikini at beach

Since you no longer attend Sunday Funday pool parties because that’s now your laundry and Disney Junior relax day, that spray tan bikini bod is no longer necessary.  If you are spraying anything these days it is Lysol or Febreze, let’s keep it real.


getting gas for the car

Driving 30 minutes to drop off the kids at daycare just to drive an hour in traffic to the office in the opposite direction…. yeahhh, no thank you expensive car juice.  We don’t need you.  My son has enough gas in his diaper daily to fuel a rocket to the moon. I will hold on to that 50 bucks of gas that contributes to the 405 freeway pollution and put it towards air fresheners for my house.

Work Clothes

business attire working clothes girl

Screw silk shirts and dry cleaning, your new boss, aka your kids, approve of your wrinkled PJ pants you are trying to pull off as active wear. They appreciate you trying to sport a mom bun covered in cheerios yet pretend they are flowers.  PJs, yoga pants, and strong enough slippers to step on the legos. Basically,  your wardrobe is everything you got for last Christmas.

Happy Hour Drinks


happy hour drinks cocktails coworkers

No more happy hour after work to help you deal with how”great” your job is. 10 bucks a drink plus tipping? Pssshh…as a work from home mom, you have wine on tap. And by tap, I mean that 6-gallon box of wine you keep on your kitchen counter.




I am pretty sure with the number of dishes you do all day long that that manicure you used to get is no longer needed.  Doing dishes scrubs, exfoliates and even cleans all that poop stuck underneath your nails.

Can I borrow 5

download (2).jpg

You no longer have to deal with Nancy asking ” can I borrow five for coffee? I’ll pay you right back tomorrow. ” Yeah..we all know Nancy never pays up and was the inspiration behind the no money lending rule within your last company.


The Nanny


Remember back in the day when nannies were affordable? Yeah… now they all have child psychology degree asking $35 bucks an hour. Though they are very helpful, working from home also means you probably can ditch that nanny full time and do the work for them.

Home Cooking


No longer are you picking up Panda Express on your way home to feed your tribe. Instead, you are now making your own version of Panda Express that probably actually tastes like a panda?! You save big time by cooking your own pandas or whatever.



So once again, since you work from home and no one really sees your toes besides your 2 years old trying to use them as a teether. So it is safe to say that monthly pedicures are a thing of the past and socks with sandals are the thing of the future.


What are you doing with all the money you are saving?

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    • It can definitely be a challenge getting used to living on a reduced income to be a stay at home parent! Thanks for sharing your tips.

  1. Hahaha! These are all true. I have been sharing gas by not commuting daily, buying work clothes, and more. I love wearing my comfy socks!

  2. This was so funny! We had a nanny during part of our first year with a baby while I worked from home, but came to realize it wasn’t really necessary. Part-time home-schooled high school students are so much cheaper and flexible!

  3. I agree!! Most days, I work In whatever I woke up in and rock a messy bun all day. I love your suggestions on how to stay cute while on a budget.

  4. So great! It definitely can be tough going from 2 incomes to one but it’s also a great money saver staying home

  5. It’s always important to look on the bright side! Working from home isn’t easy but there are some perks to it, though I do believe getting a mani/pedi every once and a while for yourself (and not your coworkers) is a worth while splurge!

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