26 Fun Things That Moms Need This St. Patrick’s Day

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Well, Top of the Mornin to you!

 St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and it is time to get ready to plan your day o’fun!!  To save you the trouble(yes, you’re welcome) I went around the interwebs and found some pretty fun stuff for you to include on this luck-filled holiday. From Decor to crafts to clothes to treats:

Here are 26 fun things that moms need this St. Patrick’s Day!


The Itsy Bitsy Leprechaun
The Itsy Bitsy Leprechaun

How fun is this cute twist on The Itsy Bitsy Spider! So cute and soooo much less creepy than singing about a spider!

Get it now $5.99


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Curious George
Happy St. Patrick's Day, Curious George

                       Curious George was and still is one of my favorites! In this tabbed book the curious little guy gets into Irish dancing and of course, trouble!

Get it now $7.19

How to Catch a Leprechaun
How to Catch a Leprechaun


What kid would not want to catch one of these green little guys!
Shoot, I would now.

Get it now $9.89


             Shamrock Bodysuit

             Shamrock Bodysuit


How adorable is this jumpsuit!!!
Maybe, I will have a girl just so she can wear this:)

Get it now $14.99

Funny Baby Onesie      

Funny Baby Onesie      


For all those parents out there who wanna
have some fun with the holiday!
Plus, I am sure many of you can relate.

Get it now $12.99


Lucky & Loved Long Sleeve Onesie

Lucky & Loved Long Sleeve Onesie


Just your simple sweet little onesies for your
weeeeeee leprechaun.

Get it now $13.99



Happy St. Pat T-rex Day Shirt
Happy St. Pat T-rex Day Shirt

For all those weeee T-rex fans out there!

Get it now $11.90


St. Patrick’s Day Magical Unicorn Tshirt Green
St. Patrick's Day Magical Unicorn Tshirt Green


Yes, you are!

Get it now $15.99


Suspender & Skirt 2 Piece Outfit
Suspender & Skirt 2 Piece Outfit


Umm… can I have this in my size, please?!

Get it now $12.97




Short Sleeve Tops V Neck



This is what I am talking about!
Nice and comfortable and cute.
This will be my St. Patties Day look for sure.

Get it now $17.99

 Let’s Get Shamrocked   
 Let's Get Shamrocked   


Buuut if I decide to go outtttttt
The one-shoulder shirt might be the lucky winner.

Get it now $23.95


I Got Lucky And She Got Pregnant 
I Got Lucky And She Got Pregnant 

This is super funny.
If you do not think it’s funny, we cannot be friends.

Get it now $19.99


Mama & Charm Infant Bodysuit

Mama & Charm Infant Bodysuit



Get it now $19.95


 Infant Bodysuit & Men’s T
 Infant Bodysuit & Men's T


Get it now $19.95


Yummy Treats

 Leprechaun Popcorn via Mom Foodie

I foresee stuffing my face in this while watching the Boondock Saints

St. Patrick's day popcorn

Leprechaun Bark via Classy Mommy

If you think your kids can help make this without eating all the marshmallows and candies before it is done, this one looks super cool!

Best Leprechaun Bark Recipe for St Patrick's Day


Shamrock Pretzel Treats via My Home Based Life

This might be too pretty to eat! But then again, I am always hungry.

Shamrock Pretzels

Fun Crafts

Edible Necklace via Close to Home

I used to love making these as a kid. It is a necklace that you can eat! I mean, come on! 🙂

Fun Activities for Kids for St. Patrick's Day


Painted Rocks via Just A Little Creativity 

Fun fact, I own rock collection (no judging) so of course I find anything having to do with rocks a good time!
Grab the kids and turn some boring old rocks into some rocking St. Patty charms!

Happy St Patricks Day kindness rocks ideas


Calming Bottle via My Home Based Life 

Not only is the fun to look at, but if it really does calm the kids down, umm SOLD!

St. Patrick's Day Calming Bottle for Kids


Leprechaun Footprint Floor Decals 

St. Patty day decorations

Have some fun with the family with these leprechaun footprints.
Have them lead to places you want your kids to go,
like to go take out the trash 🙂

Get it now $8.95


 St. Patrick’s Day Place Mats

St. Patty day decorations

 Eat some yummy St. Patties Day food on top of these adorable placemats!

Get it now $14.90


78 Piece Decorations Kit
St. Patty day decorations


Grab the kiddos and have some fun decorating with these festive window clings,
foam stickers, and mini glitter foam stickers.

Get it now $9.95

Home Decor

St. Patrick’s Day Doormat

St. Patrick's Day Doormat


Nothing welcomes guests into your house like a lovable owl dressed up like a leprechaun. Nothing!!! 🙂

Get it now $10.00


 Shamrock Pill Case Covers

 Shamrock Pill Case Covers

I do not own little pillows any more
thanks to my son chewing them up,
but if I did, I would definitely want these beauties!

Get it now $16.99



Happy St Patrick’s Wood Screen 

St Patricks Day Wood Decor


How charming is this hand painted wood decoration!
Perfect for above the fireplace. Just don’t like..catch it on fire. though?

Get it now $19.50


There you have my 26 Fun things for moms (or you) this St. Patricks Day. Hopefully, they gave you some inspiration and motivation to have a wonderful St. Patricks Day!


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