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A Happy Valentine’s Day Note To All the Single Mommas


A Happy Valentine’s Day Note To All the Single Mommas

To those women who didn’t even realize it was Valentine’s Day until you heard it on the news or from your tax guy.

To those women who haven’t had a moment to even think about romance because you are busy changing dirty pants and making some bomb mac and cheese.

To those women who may or may not understand that the love they feel now toward their offspring will never compare to any other type of love.

To those women who still understand romantic love is something to cherish when you have it, but not something to dwell over in sadness when you don’t.

To those women who realize the value of their worth or capacity to love is not measured by your current relationship status or a ring on your finger.

Because girl, you are amazing.

You are amazing.

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No one understands isolation and loneliness like a mother, and no one gets hit harder with both like a single mother.

Your kids are probably not old enough to communicate their love for you in a way that can be expressed with roses, flowers or a fancy dinner reservation.

Their love is disguised with dirty diapers and fun tantrums on the floor instead.

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Happy Valentines to all you lovers out there. I wish you a memorable day filled with warmth and fuzzies.

Whether that love comes from your dog, your husband, your sister, your mom or your blow up doll, love should never be taken for granted <3


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10 thoughts on “A Happy Valentine’s Day Note To All the Single Mommas

  1. I’ve actually never had a Valentine so it’s kind of like I dont know what I’m missing because I never had it. I am having a Galentine’s girls night with some friends next weekend and I’m looking forward to leaving the kids with my mom and having a good time. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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