19 Reasons Why Living in Sydney is Fun

Sydney, Australia… aww just typing those words brings a small smile to my face. After deciding to move to Sydney for a year but staying for three, it is safe to say Sydney and I had quite the chemistry.  I fell immensely in love with this city and to be frank, I wouldn’t be surprised if I moved back one day.  There are a million reasons why Sydney is such a fun place to live, but for everyone’s sake I narrowed it down a tad.

From cities to titties – Here are 19 reasons why living in Sydney is just straight up, fun!

1. The Beaches

Bronte Beach Sydney Australia

Umm, have you seen the beaches? Bondi, Bronte, Dee Why – Not only are they everywhere but each beach had their own little stunning personality. Rock pools, coastal walks, hot surfers and small cafes all contribute to the uniqueness of each beautiful beach.  Oh Sorry, did I mention hot surfers? 😉

2. Pub Grub


With Pubs located practically at every corner, Sydney’s pub grub is one of the best.  Grabbing a burger and a cider while relaxing on one of Sydney’s rooftops was always a fun afternoon. Fish n chips, Lamb or just a delicious deep-fried schnitzel, Sydney pub food can’t be beat!

3. Darling Harbor

Darling Harbor Sydney Australia

Nice restaurants, bars and shopping all along a beautiful harbour. With the casino nearby and a shady pub next door –  a nice day out with friends can turn into a night of getting up to no good quickly but always fun nonetheless. 

4. Manly Beach

Manly Beach Sydney Australia

Manly Beach was the first part of Sydney I fell madly in love with. It’s a small beach town just a ferry ride away from the rush of the city.  You can relax at the beach or walk around the Corso to grab a drink. It doesn’t really matter where you are in Manly because you will always be surrounded by some of the hottest guys Sydney has to offer….. let’s not forget that fun nugget.

5. Dating Scene

Sydney Soccer Team at the Star Casino in Sydney Australia

Though I often complained about the relatively small dating scene, I do miss the variety of guys that were at my dating disposal. With many backpackers and expats living in the area,finding guys on Tinder was like an international buffet of men. It was common to have a lunch date with a Brit, afternoon drink with a Scot, then a 9 pm date with a Brazilian.. or so I’ve heard.. 🙂

6. Social-ville


Sydney is by far the most social city I have ever lived in for 3 reasons.  One, Australians are naturally social animals. Two, Sydney is the perfect size to make it very easy to get to from A to B with just walking. Three, Sydney’s public transportation is amazing, making every part of the city easily accessible under an hour. These three things make catching up with your friends or meeting up for a bad Tinder date a breeze regardless of where you live.

7. Kings Cross

Bada Bings King Cross Sydney

Now I know a red light district may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure is fun from time to time. Filled with bars, strip clubs and your street druggies,  Kings Cross is never short of some interesting entertainment. Especially the time I thought I walked into a strip club but a man with an eye patch welcomed me into a brothel.

8. Culture

Image result for indian food

Sydney truly is one big melting pot. It’s beautiful living in a city with a plethora of ethnic backgrounds constantly surrounding me. Chinese, Spanish, Colombian – they are everywhere! And you know what that means? Great ethnic food, duh! Some delicious Indian curry for dinner and then some greasy Turkish at 4 am hits the spot every time.

9. Oxford Street

Image result for oxford street australia

No city is quite complete without a street that’s the heart of the LGBT community. Entertaining drag shows, nightclubs, singing at the top of your lungs and dancing the night away is just some of what Oxford street has to offer.  A night out on Oxford is always filled with fun and meeting amazing new people .. well, except for that one time a drag queen made me cry…

10. Cheese

Cheese Board In Sydney Australia

CHEESEEEE! Enough said, right?  Almost every restaurant in town has a delicious cheese board or two to pick from and I do mean every! There was not a week that went by where I did not order a cheese board straight from heaven. Paired with a glass of delicious Aussie wine and my Mondays were perfection 😉

11. Wine-0-Clock

Pyrmont Wine Festival Sydney Australia

Speaking of wine… Ugh, I miss Wine 0- clock!  The high level of social acceptance to have wine literally at all times of the day is when I knew this place was for me. With wine festivals on constantly throughout the city,  you get many many opportunities to taste this adult juice from all over the country.

12. Safety

Image result for no guns sign

 I guess coming from the country of guns, any place would feel a bit safer? But Sydney really is safe.  I never felt scared or worried I was going to get robbed or shot. My mind was always at ease, even when walking alone at night.  Well, unless I was stupid and walked into a creepy alleyway. It’s still a city, not Disneyland for goodness sake!


13. Karaoke

Karaoke in Sydney Australia

Grabbing the crew and heading to one of Sydney’s many Karaoke joints was always a go to any night of the week.  Some Bon Jovi here and some Selena Gomez there, and accompanied by plenty of booze, of course.  These places are practically the definition of a memorable night..which ironically usually left me with little memory…

14. Coffee

A Long Black coffee in Australia

The first week I arrived I thought I was on crack or something – not because I was but because I tried Australian coffee for the first time. Woowwwzzzerrs!  Sydney’s coffee and their little cafe’s are never a letdown. You get your mornings started off right! Though yes, the coffee is double the price than here in America, it has double the strength and actually like, tastes good!?

 15. Friday Lunches

Jamie's Italian Lunch in Sydney

Everyone’s favorite day of the week is Friday in Sydney because that means, Friday lunch!!!! To say most people  “work” on Friday would be a bit of a stretch.  It is more like you take 2-3 hour boozy lunch with coworkers and debate whether you are sober enough to even draft an email.

16. Vivid Festival

Vivid Light Festival Sydney Australia Opera House

Aww, the festival of lights… no not Hanuka but Vivid Sydney that turns the entire city into a light and music exhibit.  From the night markets to the boats in harbor – Everything is lit up for an ultimate light experience.

17. Melbourne Cup Day

Melbourne Cup Day Sydney Australia

Yes,  I know Melbourne is not Sydney, but Melbourne Cup Day definitely goes down strong across the whole country. Melbourne Cup is a day the country takes off from working and decides to gamble on horses while drinking all day. The holiday is quite genius, really. Well, minus the part about having to go to work the next morning. That is NOT fun.

18. Blue Mountains

the Blue Mountains Sydney Australia

With just a short hour train ride up out of the city, The Blue Mountains are always the perfect weekend getaway. From nice hikes with views to a trolley that flies over the canyon, these mountains of blue are always there to help clear your head.

Trust me…Everyone in Sydney is always having a fun no matter what part of the world they are from.

  My one word of advice to anyone reading this is: If you have the chance to move to Sydney- DO IT!

Sydney is one fun place!

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