I Put “Pregnant”on my Dating Profile and This is What Happened

Dating while pregnant? Ha!

Because random men just love going out with extremely emotional waddling strangers. Uh no…

……Or do they?

Back when I was bored and newly pregnant, I decided to do a little experiment when it came to my dating profile on OkCupid.  Yes, I know there are creepy fetish sites for men to meet pregnant women already, but I was curious to see how the average guy would view this particular profile detail on a normal dating site.

So I updated my profile to include that I was currently pregnant, genuinely intrigued to see if I would actually get any messages.  I explained this “being pregnant” thing twice! Once in the beginning of my profile and again at the end to ensure the cat was clearly out of the bag.

After just 1 week and over 50 messages,  I had enough data to end this experiment and enough of a headache to swear off online dating for the rest of my life! (well, we know I can’t do that :))

Below is a taste of the type of men I had the pleasure to encounter:

The ones that know what pregnant girls want


The ones that think hookah is obviously a vital prenatal supplement

The ones that sound like they need a hug more than you do

The ones that apparently don’t even need you to have a conversation

The ones that think you accidentally typed  “pregnant”.. twice…


The ones that want to make sure you know they have a penis

The ones that think alcohol actually helps to prevent birth defects 

The ones that think you live under a rock and might be a racist

Grab drinks? Smoke Hookah? Really!? Though a small percentage mentioned my pregnancy, the majority (I am talking 40 out of 50) did not. So either it doesn’t bother the guys at all orrrrrr they are just doing what guys do best when online dating.

I could have written I have 4 legs and eat monkeys on Wednesdays. Because just as I figured…

Guys just do not read profiles!!!!!!

<3 Hot Mess


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