T Minus 11 Days till OZ – Pros and Cons of Moving Back Home with Fam

Now that it is under the two-week mark till I move far far away to Australia, I decided it was best that I spend my final weeks with the only ties I really have – MY FAMILY TIES.

I left beautiful Orange County to move in with my mom,  her roommate,  and my sister with her two kooky offspring in Fontana, CA.

Visually, I went from this…

                              Corona Del Mar                                        


Fontana, CA

LUCKY ME! (NO). But the home is where the heart is, so off to no-wheres-cow-country-land I went.

I have lived on my own for 10 years now, so moving back in with family and RULES and no ROOM and KIDS..holy moly!!Why did I do this again?? Oh yes, because I LOVE Them, etc.. etc..


So what’s it like living back home again??? I am just soo glad you asked Mr. Made Up Person!

Let me explain the pros and cons that I am encountering with my new adjusted living conditions…


Homemade tofu egg veggie scramble

Homemade Stuffed bell peppers

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE TO COOK! Sadly due to a shortage of funds the past few months, I have not been able to cook more than a piece of toast.Now I am thrilled to have full access to my mother’s gorgeous kitchen with great new appliances and cookware for me to ruin.. I mean, use. And nothing is better than a mom’s fridge. Right? Can we say FULLY STOCKED? Not only is there cheese, but there are four types of cheese!! Every condiment you can think of!! (and not in packets stolen from a fast food joint). Time to take advantage of this cooking paradise while I still can. I highly doubt the hostels I will be staying at will be equipped for whipping up some beef wellington.


Moving into my mom’s house means, Michelle doesn’t have a room. This therefore means, Michelle sleeps on the couch. I have 3 snoring dogs next to me, the sounds of crazy Fontucky winds to the left and an annoying ass clock ticking to my right. Not only is the ability to fall asleep not my friend anymore, but neither is hearing my sister screaming at the kiddos in the morning to wake up and get ready for school. I have already accepted, sleeping in is just not EVER GOING TO HAPPEN!




My Daisy Baby! Daisy is my dog that I have had since she was a crazy 5 weeks old pup. Now 7 years of age, she is still one of the best contributions to my happiness and hates that I cannot take her with me to Australia. Daisy kisses are the best! And that’s totally not biased 🙂 Whoever doesn’t like waking up to this face in the morning HAS NO SOOOOOUL!!!!



This can be both a pro and a con, depending on how well they are behaving, and whether or not I have a bottle of wine laying around.  Kids are a handful butttt, they can also be very useful. Such as.. pillows?


If you sleep on kids, they cannot move. Best babysitting technique ever, just sayinn…

I love nothing more than to hang out with these crazy kids. I learn so much from them every day. Just today alone I learned the updates on Justin Bieber’s relationship with Selena Gomez (Thank you, Venise), and I was shown how to use a slinky as a weapon (Thank you, Kyle). As you can obviously see, all very vital stuff I am learning here 🙂 575764_10151378836337496_813643640_n


                                                                       PRO – PAINTING

Though I am no Van Gogh,  I love to paint. For the past 5 years painting has been something I have found to be very therapeutic and it has also been the leading cause of ruined my clothes. Now that I am unemployed and living at home I finally have time again to pick up those brushes! My goal is to have a new painting to give to each of the kiddos before I leave, while they are still young enough to think I am good.

1376591_10151719522892496_976077277_n (1)1510930_10151867731072496_110723200_n



My sister… oh my sister. Even though we are totally different in soooooooo many ways, we never fail to goof off no matter what environment we are in. I guess we will always be little girls giving our hampster a trip to the day spa at heart.

photoWe have been bonding since day one. Like when she would cut off all the hair to my dolls and hide them from me, or blackmail me to get her water with lemon every night in order to sleep with her because I was scared of the dark, or play hide and go seek – make me hide and then never look for me. I mean, THAT IS what sisterhood is all about right!?! 🙂 I couldn’t have asked for a better sister, like literally.. shes older, no choice in the matter.




Nothing gets the day started right than getting a tummy full of nutrients. My mom started juicing 5 years ago and still does it every day. With all these goodbye drinks friends keep buying me,  oh boy does this juice help save me from all the deadly hang over part the next day. Too bad it does not help with the whole “memory” part.



When my mom is not too busy yelling at me to close the refrigerator door or to put my clothes away or to get my ass up because it’s going on noon – I DO enjoy our mother daughter time. As an immigrant from Germany and an extremely independent woman (with the small exception of electronics),  I am forever learning from this wonderful woman.1003964_10151526616047496_2080059529_n15539_178210117495_3041589_nUntitledj


Minus the given cons like lack of privacy, lack of silence, and lack of space- spending time with the fam bam is amazing. It is unfortunate it takes leaving the country to be able to see them this much. Family is forever and having to say goodbye to them in a week and half will probably be the hardest thing I will ever have to do.


– Anthony Brandt

The Thibeault Girls




  1. G’day Michelle,
    Thanks for interesting and candid look into your life. I wish you all the best in your big move to Australia and I hope you enjoy living here as much as I have.

    Just keep a look out for drop bears, rumour has it they can tell if you’re American.

  2. HI’! I’m Simi an Italian food blogger, I follow your blog it’s very nice!!!! greetings from Italy!

  3. You have a great “can do” attitude and that will get you whatever you set your sights on. Will you be living close to the coast in AU? Send pics & make us all jealous! I’m glad you enjoyed my post “Being Young…”

  4. Love this post! Best to you! Be careful of kangaroos of any kind! 🙂

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